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As the “Bizarre New World” Turns

by  in Comic News Comment
As the “Bizarre New World” Turns
Cover art for “Bizarre New World: Population Explosion”

Last year, writer Skipper Martin published his comic Bizarre New World” through Ape Entertainment to rave reviews. Now, the story of an average Joe who suddenly realizes he can fly continues with the original graphic novel “Population Explosion,” due out at the end of the month.

“Imagine if you could fly,” said Martin, describing the series. “A regular, ordinary guy in the real world with no aliens, no magic, no nothing… What would you do with it?

“And then, what if the whole planet could fly?”

At the end of the last issue, everyman Paul Krutcher watched as all of humanity took to the skies on their own power. When Paul receives an urgent message from his son in another state, he has to fight through the chaos to get to him.

The decision to sell the second story as a graphic novel was a business one, explained Martin. “‘Population Explosion’ is issues five and six of the series… [It] was never really an original graphic novel, but it was going to be this second story that was self-contained. It turned into an OGN because it could be square bound and resolicited… In the end I don’t care how it’s presented, because it’s its own story.”

After “Population Explosion,” the universe of “BNW” will be further explored through an anthology entitled “Chaos Theories.”

Interior art from “Bizarre New World: Population Explosion”

“When I first came up with ‘Bizarre,’ I believed that I couldn’t honestly tell the story myself because I don’t have the worldview experience. So I knew that I would try to get other people’s points of view, as many as I can, to fill the gaps.

“I started approaching other people, and that lead me to Micah Farritor. He started talking about going too high. What would stop a child who wanted to be an astronaut from putting on a bike helmet and floating as high as he could? That became a story called ‘Falling Fast.’

“Neil Bailey at Superman Homepage pitched a really trippy one called ‘The Third Anabaptist Church of Divine Flight.’ It’s darker than my writing and a different take on the material.

“I wrote a story called ‘Blind’ for Free Comic Book Day, which told the story of Paul going on a particularly nasty blind date after he learns he can fly. And as horrible as that first date was, it led to the next story, ‘Double Blind.’

“Another one is called ‘Bad Guys with Loud Ties,’ about what the first episode of ‘Law & Order’ would look like after everybody learns to fly.”

“Chaos Theories” is slated to come out this fall.

A third and final “BNW” series, “Dubious Miracles,” is scheduled for 2009.

Interior art from “Bizarre New World: Population Explosion”

“The final series asks the next question which, at its core, is how people learned to deal with the bizarre new world. People did eventually have to get back to school and work. Certain jobs became obsolete, others sprang up.”

Martin was also pleasantly surprised to get some attention from Hollywood.

”I got approached by a film producer — Adrian Askarieh from ‘Hitman.’ He’s currently attached to do a feature film, and he’s trying to get it optioned. It was fun to hear his take on what he’d do with it.”

When asked if he had any other projects in the works, Martin offered this cryptic note:

“I’m working on a top secret licensed property that I hope comes to fruition. The only hint I will give is that if I get to do it, it won’t be a surprise.”

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