As Scotland decides its future, a new hero emerges: Scotsman

The fate of the United Kingdom will be decided in five hours, when the polls close on a referendum that determines whether Scotland will declare independence from England after 307 years. To mark the historic occasion, U.K. digital publisher Eco Comics has introduced an "all-new, all-Scottish" superhero in the form of Scotsman

The Mohawk Media imprint unveiled the character's design on Wednesday. Eco Comics editor Stuart Buckley told ROBOT 6 that Scotsman will be introduced in the recently launched Englishman series, and a one-shot is already in the works. However, whether he'll be Englishman's friend or foe will depend on today's vote.

Created by Chris Brunting and drawn by Federico Blee, Scotsman incorporates the Scottish flag as a major element of his costume design, similar to other patriotic heroes like Captain America and Captain Britain. The publisher also provided ROBOT 6 with a first look  at a cover illustration by Blee featuring the Scotsman and what Buckley calls "his trademark Thistle Missiles."

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