Arvid Nelson Talks "Rex Mundi" Film, Starring Johnny Depp

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If you ever thought the French were just a bunch of cowards, you're a) grossly misinformed and b) you haven't been reading "Rex Mundi." Originally published by Image Comics, and now under Dark Horse's publishing banner, the series follows Doctor Julien Sauniere, whose quest to solve a murder inadvertently pulls him in to a conspiracy beyond imagination and into conflict with the Duke Of Lorraine! The series is set in France and deals with some heavily Christian themes, from the Holy Grail to Jesus himself. The comic has found itself the recipient of much acclaim since its launch years ago and will now be thrust into a bigger spotlight, revealed the L.A Times newspaper.

"Jim Uhls, who successfully adapted the "unadaptable" Chuck Palahniuk novel "Fight Club," has been hired to turn "Rex Mundi," a series of graphic novels by Arvid Nelson and Eric Johnson, into a feature for Johnny Depp to star in and produce through his Infinitum Nihil (Infinite Nothing) production company," the newspaper revealed.

The deal was a surprise to many, including series writer/co-creator Arvid Nelson, who told CBR News, "I wish I knew more about the mysterious inner- workings of Hollywood. But I don't. My understanding is that one of the myriad producers involved with Rex Mundi showed it to Johnny Depp or someone who knows Johnny Depp -- and it seems he took to it. It's beyond flattering. Infinitum Nihil has been just wonderful to me, so supportive. You'd sort of hope and expect Johnny Depp would run a great company… and I'm happy to report he does."

While "The Da Vinci Code" features similar themes, Nelson cautions against comparing the two or labeling "Rex Mundi" as derivative of that novel. With the "Code" film and novel ingrained in the public's psyche, Nelson is making sure people understand the differences from his work. " I have to remind people I first published 'Rex Mundi' a good three years before Da Vinci Code hit the stands -- that's a little bit irritating. It's therefore a little bit irritating to hear Rex Mundi described as a 'rip off.' But there's a large population of people out there who love to pontificate on subjects they know nothing about, it seems, and it seems they love to haunt internet chat rooms. Usually the reviewers who describe 'Rex Mundi' as a 'rip off' are the ones who don't like it, so I take it to mean that they also happen to be stupid, which is some consolation.

"I mean, I've made snarky comments about 'The Da Vinci Code' in the past -- and I'm sure that Dan Brown cries tears of bitter, bitter despair over these comments in between manicures and counting his money -- but it really is a bad book. It's just dumb. I hope that when Rex Mundi is finished, and it's compared to 'The Da Vinci Code,' it ('Da Vinci Code,' not Rex Mundi) will be revealed for the fraud that it is -- and that's assuming the 'Da Vinci Code' film didn't already do just that."

It's too early to know when the film will be released or who else will star, but you can expect Nelson to be involved with the film so it is true to the "Rex Mundi" comic. " I'm sort of advising and consulting from the shadows. But the producers have the final say -- and that's how it should be. I mean, they're putting a lot of time and money into film, and the need the freedom to make it more like a movie than a comic. They know how to do that better than I, so I completely trust them. I'm sure they're going to do the right thing, and honestly, it's really exciting to just lie back and see what they're going to do. I'm completely behind them."

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