Artists say goodbye to Shogakukan building with 'graffiti rally'

What's undoubtedly my favorite item of the day arrives courtesy of writer and retailer Chris Butcher: With the 46-year-old Tokyo headquarters of Shogakukan set to be demolished in September, the manga publisher called on artists from across the country to send off the nine-story building in style.

More than 20 creators gathered Aug. 9 for the "Big Graffiti Rally," where they drew some of their most famous characters on the walls -- which will be nothing but rubble in a matter of weeks. Among the artists were Kazukiho Shimamoto, Naoki Urusawa, Fujiko Fujio and Masami Yuki.

According to Japan Daily Press, the building will be replaced by an earthquake-proof structure. See some of the photos below, and even more at JDP, The Huffington Post and RocketNews24.

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