Artists design a sneaker perfect for the Ninja Turtle on the go

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have faced a lot of hardships, from the dank conditions of their sewer home to their seemingly endless list of increasingly weird adversaries. However, the worst very well be the lack of stylish sneakers to fit their unusual feet.

But while artists Hussain Almossawi and Quintin Williams probably can't do anything about the Turtles' damp subterranean lair or the activities of the Foot Clan, they've come up with a pretty good solution for their footwear: Yes, it's a design for a sleek, two-toed Ninja Turtle Shoe.

The concept sneaker was designed with the unique needs of the Turtles in mind. "The shoe's ergonomic design allows for ultimate comfort while it fits their 2 large fingers, which is how their anatomy looks like," they explain. "The patterns of the shoe are also inspired by the hexagons from turtle shells, with small holes for ventilation to allow for better breathability. The interesting thing is that turtles actually absorb oxygen through their skin, and we try to mimic the concept here ..."

The sneaker doesn't have laces, so there's less chance of tripping during combat; the colors and patterns take their cues from the Turtles' shells.

Check out images from the design process below.

(via Sneakhype)

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