Artists converge on Midtown Comics, March 7

Official Press Release

Midtown Comics in New York City is proud to present five of the most distinguished artists from Spain, signing their respective comic book work published by DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Join us on March 7th for what we affectionately call "The Spanish Inquisition".

Manuel Garcia has compiled an extensive body of work that includes Countdown, Checkmate, Mystique, Spider-Man: Breakout, Black Panther and Strange Adventures.

Fernando Dagnino has penciled issues of Teen Titans 64, 67, Batman and the Outsiders 13, part of Batman R.I.P. Teen Titans (annual) 2009, "Deathtrap" (Titans, Teen Titans and Vigilante crossover).

Pere Perez: his work includes Dragonlance Chronicles and select issues of Army of Darkness. Adventure Comics featuring the Guardian (New Krypton part 3 one-shot for DC) and is currently doing his first work for Marvel as penciler and inker; Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #46.

Carlos Rodriguez has done pencils on Batman and the Outsiders issues 2, 6, 7, Teen Titans 58 - 61, Nightwing 139 and Black Panther 38. Recently finished Secret Six #8 for DC.

Bit: Extensive inking credits including Batman: Gotham Knights, Martian Manhunter and the Teen Titans Amazons Attack tie-ins, Batman and the Outsiders, Superman, Nightwing, Titans, and more. Just finished collaboration on the Vixen mini, and working on Oracle presently.

The Spanish Inquisition returns, thanks to talent rep. David Macho, who brought a different group of artists from Spain for an exciting event at Midtown Comics last year. View all of our events here: http://www.midtowncomics.com/custompages/signings_events.asp

Midtown Comics opened its first store in 1997, and is now the industry's leading retailer of comic books, graphic novels and Manga, with its online store as well as two landmark NYC locations in Times Square and Grand Central.

More information available online at: http://www.midtowncomics.com

Saturday, March 7, from 12:00 noon to 2:00PM

Midtown Comics Times Square location

200 W. 40th Street, Corner 7th Avenue, NYC

Grand Central: 459 Lexington Avenue, corner 45th Street

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