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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: Seth Mann

Ninjak #4
Preview: Ninjak #4
3 Comic Previews
WHO IS ROKU?! The breakout star of the hit of the year stands revealed as we learn the origin of Ninjak’s newest nemesis! But who is Roku – the seemingly …
Ninjak #2
Preview: Ninjak #2
3 Comic Previews
HUNTED BY THE SHADOW SEVEN! International financier Colin King hasn’t just come to Tokyo to take the Rippongi club scene by storm. As the covert MI-6 operative codenamed Ninjak, he’s …
X-O Manowar
Preview: X-O Manowar
3 Comic Previews
Lock missiles and ZERO in on the can’t-miss origin of Aric of Dacia, a.k.a. X-O MANOWAR! After narrowly surviving the events of ARMOR HUNTERS, X-O Manowar (or what’s left of …
X-Men #14
Preview: X-Men #14
3 Comic Previews
• The Jean Grey School is under attack, leaving a young X-Man dead on the school’s front lawn. • Jubilee’s worst nightmare has come to pass… and the future’s being …
Gambit #11
Review: Gambit #11
3 Comic Reviews
"Gambit" #11 by James Asmus, Clay Mann and Paco Medina brings Rogue into the series as she joins forces with Gambit and Joelle in the snow against Tombstone's henchmen.
Gambit #11
Preview: Gambit #11
3 Comic Previews
• When Gambit’s in over his head, who will answer his call for help? Enter: Rogue! And she may just have an opinion or two about Gambit’s extracurricular activities… • …
Gambit #10
Preview: Gambit #10
3 Comic Previews
Desperate to learn the lady thief’s secret, Gambit joins Joelle on a heist that may even be too much for him to handle. . . especially when the villainous Tombstone …
Gambit #9
Preview: Gambit #9
3 Comic Previews
• Gambit’s hot on the heels of the lady thief who first crossed his path in issue #1! • But what secret is she hiding that may just spell doom …
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