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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: Peter Krause

Insufferable #8
Preview: Insufferable #8
3 Comic Previews
With a common enemy finally revealed, Nocturnus and Galahad join forces one last time to face a psychopathic murderer head-on-despite the fact that all their resources are now being used …
Insufferable #4
Preview: Insufferable #4
3 Comic Previews
Introducing Praetorian, Ominax, Razorjaw, and The Choice! All of St. Barrington’s super-villains have gathered together under the direction of a mysterious mastermind to destroy our heroes, Nocturnus and Galahad-if they …
Insufferable #1
Review: Insufferable #1
3 Comic Reviews
Mark Waid and Peter Krause's "Insufferable" #1 is anything but. This modern but dysfunctional spin on the superhero/sidekick motif has a fresh feel despite its genre, and storytelling shifts keep it moving quickly enough to engage.
Insufferable #1
Preview: Insufferable #1
3 Comic Previews
What happens when your crime-fighting sidekick grows up to be an arrogant, ungrateful douchebag who makes Kanye look humble? Worse, what on Earth could force the two of you together …
Daredevil #0.1
Preview: Daredevil #0.1
3 Comic Previews
For the first time in print, the story that bridges the gap between the last Daredevil series and the all-new ongoing! • A cross country flight pits The Man Without …
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