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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: Oclair Albert

The Flash #5
Preview: The Flash #5
3 Comic Previews
“Lightning Strikes Twice” part five! With Central City now protected by dozens of freshly trained Flashes, Barry Allen takes time out to explore a new relationship. Meanwhile, a serial killer …
Cyborg #12
Preview: Cyborg #12
3 Comic Previews
S.T.A.R. Labs is invaded by brother and sister super-villains seeking revenge for the suicide of their father. Cyborg is the only one who can stop them, but he’s in the …
Cyborg #11
Preview: Cyborg #11
3 Comic Previews
The epic conclusion of the “Cybernetic Registration” epic is here! The Cyforce’s true masterminds are finally revealed! How will Cyborg ever regain the trust of our citizens, the government or …
Cyborg #10
Preview: Cyborg #10
3 Comic Previews
The government has confiscated Cyborg’s technology by imprisoning him. But they have no idea just how powerful Vic Stone has become-and neither does Cyborg himself! New abilities are revealed as …
Cyborg #9
Preview: Cyborg #9
3 Comic Previews
Federal forces are sent to capture Cyborg and his technology-but things take a bizarre twist when tensions rise among members of the Justice League, who are split over what Cyborg …
Cyborg #8
Preview: Cyborg #8
3 Comic Previews
Following the Technosapien invasion, the government implements greater regulation on cybernetics. Their first step is determining ownership of the cybernetics implanted in Vic Stone, setting up a major conflict when …
Cyborg #6
Review: Cyborg #6
3 Comic Reviews
"Cyborg" #6 has good intentions, but David F. Walker, Ivan Reis, Felipe Watanabe, Daniel HDR and Cliff Richards' conclusion continues the overall jumbled and rushed trend of the series.
Cyborg #6
Preview: Cyborg #6
3 Comic Previews
With the fate of the human race hanging in the balance, Cyborg squares off against the Technosapiens. But even if he wins, things will never be the same for Victor …
Cyborg #5
Preview: Cyborg #5
3 Comic Previews
Cyborg has the technology the alien Technosapiens are after-and they’ll stop at nothing to make Victor Stone a part of their permanent collection!
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