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Comic Book Previews & Reviews: Chris Evenhuis

Wynonna Earp #8
Preview: Wynonna Earp #8
3 Comic Previews
Being a U.S. Marshal means you have to hunt down fugitives... but it also means that you have to protect informants in Witness Protection. For Wynonna Earp, that means she's gotta take care of Ira Robert Stevens A.K.A. iBob, former IT guy for the notorious White Werewolf Clan.
Wynonna Earp #7
Preview: Wynonna Earp #7
3 Comic Previews
After fighting her way out of Tombstone and facing off against an ancient enemy, Wynonna Earp wants to step away and reconsider her path… but she won’t be going alone. …
Action Man #1
Preview: Action Man #1
3 Comic Previews
ACTION MAN IS DEAD — LONG LIVE ACTION MAN! He’s the world’s greatest special agent… until he dies saving the planet, with all the world’s eyes on him. Now his …
Wynonna Earp #3
Preview: Wynonna Earp #3
3 Comic Previews
After bringing down Mars Del Rey’s cannibal cartel, Wynonna Earp needs to unwind… what better way to do that than chasing down a dangerous half-demon fugitive with the help of …
Shadow Show #5
Preview: Shadow Show #5
3 Comic Previews
In Shadow Show, acclaimed writers and artists come together to pay tribute to the work of the one and only Ray Bradbury! The final story in the series is “Conjure,” …
G.I. Joe #13
Preview: G.I. Joe #13
3 Comic Previews
THE SECRET HISTORY OF COBRA COMMANDER! BARONESS leads COBRA’s newest recruit, the enigmatic SIREN, on a journey through history to the earliest days of COBRA… but what is SIREN’s secret?