Artist Tyler Kirkham Signs Three-Year Exclusive with Top Cow

Top Cow has announced that artist Tyler Kirkham ("Darkness/Superman," "Strykeforce") has signed a three-year exclusivity contract with Top Cow Publishing. The artist first became known to most comic fans through the Image Comics series "The Gift." The full press release follows.

Official Press Release

Artist Tyler Kirkham (Darkness/Superman, Strykeforce) has signed a three-year exclusive contract to work for Top Cow Productions. Currently, Kirkham is working on a one-shot of The Tenth due out in June, and V.I.C.E. with writer Aaron Coleite, a new ongoing series which is slated to be released in late 2005.

Originally hailing from Utah, Kirkham and his wife moved to Los Angeles to work under Top Cow founder and artist Marc Silvestri. "I'm really happy to have this opportunity to work in the studio with Marc and all the other artists," said Kirkham. "It's great to find an environment like this, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming projects, especially V.I.C.E. It's great to be collaborating with Marc on the character designs and everything, and I'm looking forward to this ongoing book."

"Tyler's growth as an artist over the past year has been monumental," said Top Cow Editor-in-Chief Jim McLauchlin. "Every project he's done has been a step up from the last, and there's still no end in sight. I think Tyler's work on The Tenth and V.I.C.E. will really put him on the map. He's one of the great rising talents in comics today."

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