Artist Tyler Kirkham creates $50,000 'Elder Scrolls' basement

You may know artist Tyler Kirkham from his work on Earth 2: World's End, Green Lantern Corps, New Avengers/Transformers or Phoenix: Warsong. However, you may not know that he's a huge fan of The Elder Scrolls. How huge? He's spent more than $50,000 to transform his basement into a tavern that would be right at home in the world of the fantasy video-game franchise.

Barcroft TV pays a visit to the artist's home in Kaysville, Utah, where a contemporary facade disguises a medieval setting lurking just beneath. The 1,500-square-foot basement boasts wood and stone work, swords, axes, armor and a crossbow, a sparring area, an alchemy lab with potions, a waterfall shower and its own secret passage. At its center is a $20,000 entertainment center, for playing The Elder Scrolls, of course.

"It felt amazing to turn our dream vision of what we wanted the space to be into a reality," said Kirkham, who began the project in February 2012 (with help from his contractor father), using screenshots from the video game to ensure accuracy.  "I wanted to do something fun with the basement and I love the fantasy world of these games."

Watch the video below, and visit Barcroft TV to see even more images of Kirham's basement.

(via Polygon)

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