Artist Turns Controversial Trump Quotes Into Comic Book Covers

The past year and a half or so has been filled with tension from the presidential election and its conclusion. As is usually the case, times like these are often covered extensively by artists, and one cartoonist has decided to take some outrageous political quotes and add them in to peoples favorite comics.

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Cartoonist Robert Sikoryak, work has appeared in "Raw," The New Yorker and Nickelodeon Magazine, has transformed some of the more controversial statements by President-Elect Donald Trump into parody comic book covers in a project he’s called “Unquotable Trump."

As you can tell from some of the creations, Sikoryak carefully placed the quotes (and Trump) into comics he thought would fit the bill. From reigning over the land of Ooo in “Adversary Time” to battling the Black Panther in “Black Voter," each illustration showcases a particularly bad Trump quote. As for where he got the idea? “The idea occurred to me right before the election,” the New York City-based artist told The Huffington Post. Trump had said so many outrageous things during his campaign that I wanted to catalogue them.”

According to Sikoryak, “It was important to me to only use Trump’s actual quotes, I didn’t want to put any words in his mouth." Once it was clear Trump would be president, the artist said he felt he had to do it. As is the case with most political art, there will be people who love it and people who hate it, but Sikoryak has said “the reaction has been very enthusiastic," and that it was “gratifying” that people have enjoyed them.

You can find more of his Trump-themed work below, or on his website, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter pages.

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