Artist reveals the superhero within every child

Most of us have warm memories from childhood of jumping from chair to chair, or running with a towel tied around our necks, pretending to be a superhero. Artist Jason Ratliff captures that feeling of boundless imagination, and an undeniable sense of nostalgia, in his new series of prints "Super Shadows."

In each illustration, Ratliff depicts a child playing make-believe, along with a colorful, almost stained-glass shadow image of the superhero he or she is pretending to be. "The image isn’t necessarily about Superman," he tells Mashable of the piece titled "Hero." "It’s about how a kid can be anything they want to be, and the guy in the cape just helps represent those aspirations."

Check out some of the illustrations below, and the rest at Curioos, where they're available for purchase as prints for $25 each.

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(via Highsnobriety)

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