Artist reimagines David Bowie as everyone from Batman to Lion-O

Brazilian artist Butcher Billy, whose pop-culture mashups have been showcased here numerous times, pays tribute to David Bowie in a new series of illustrations that reimagines the late rock icon as figures ranging from Captain America and The Joker to Hellboy and Batman.

However, Billy takes it a step further, matching  the art with the appropriate song title: Bowie as Dr. Manhattan is "Life on Mars," while Bowie as Mystique is "Changes," Bowie as Lion-O is "Cat People," and so on.

"Bowie has always had a huge impact on me," the artist explains. "His influence can be seen in tons of my art pieces and even past projects entirely dedicated to The Thin White Duke. I was just figuring out this concept having a couple of artworks ready when I've heard about the shocking news. In the wake of the event I was surprised to learn that so many people have been affected by his sound & vision just as I've been. So I've decided to make this my first work in progress project. One art piece a day will be shared with all of you to celebrate his life. Daily Bowie."

See more on Butcher Billy's Facebook and Instagram pages.

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