Artist Nicola Scott to Leave DC's Wonder Woman With Issue 14

Artist Nicola Scott will leave DC Comics' "Wonder Woman" with January's Issue 14, concluding her work on the "Year One" era of the series. She'll be succeeded by Bilquis Evely, who will alternate issues with continuing artist Liam Sharp.

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The announcement was made this afternoon by series writer Greg Rucka during the “DC Universe – What’s Next?” panel at New York Comic Con. "Yeah, I'm going to draw something wonderful!" Evely tweeted following the news.

Bilquis, who filled in for Scott on this month's "Wonder Woman" #8, is known for her work on "DC Comics Bombshells," "Legends of Tomorrow" and "The Flintstones."

"Wonder Woman" #8 art by Bilquis Evely

No reason was given for the departure of Scott, who has alternated issues of "Wonder Woman" with Sharp since the series relaunched in June as part of DC's Rebirth initiative. However, "Black Magick," the supernatural mystery she created with Rucka, is set to return in April 2017 from Image Comics.

Rucka said during the NYCC panel that, for the immediate future, "Wonder Woman" will focus on the story of Barbara Ann Minerva who becomes the classic villain Cheetah, exploring both her outlook on the world and who she is as a character.

"Wonder Woman" #8, featuring art by Bilquis, goes on sale Wednesday.

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