Artist Mimi Yoon fires back in 'Powerpuff Girls' cover controversy

Artist Mimi Yoon has responded to the controversy surrounding her variant cover for IDW Publishing's The Powerpuff Girls #6, which was withdrawn last week by Cartoon Network following complaints that the illustration "sexualized" the pre-teen animated characters.

The chain of events began early last week when retailer Dennis Barger Jr. singled out the cover (at right) on his own Facebook page, asking, “Are we seriously sexualizing pre-teen girls like perverted writing fan fiction writers on the internet?"

IDW Publishing's Dirk Wood explained that the cover was "mandated" by Cartoon Network, which selected Yoon and approved the artwork. When contacted by ICv2.com, the network's licensing division noted that the cover was intended as direct-market collectible item; however, “We recognize some fans’ reaction to the cover and, as such, will no longer be releasing it at comic book shops.”

After making vague references to the dust-up on Thursday, Yoon took to her Facebook page Friday afternoon to address the matter directly:


my objective was to illustrate modern, pop cultured, SASSY (not sexy), and humanized Powerpuff Girls who have just beaten the crime lord and have him on the ground. yes, the girls are wearing latex costumes... SO?!?!?! don't all superpowered heroes wear latex?

unfortunately, the comic book will never make it to the stores... yes, i'm truely disappointed... because a perverted mind decided to see in this image what his dirty mind has conjured up, and barked loud enough. worse, he brought up kids and used protecting kids and kids' perspective in his reasoning/excuse. does he think kids are dumber than him?

Yoon, whose work is frequently racier than the Powerpuff Girls cover, received an outpouring of support on her Facebook page. In addition, IDW Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall tweeted Friday that he, "Had a good chat with Mimi Yoon [...] tonight about what her next IDW cover is going to be. Going to be a fun one."

On Saturday, Yoon took aim directly at Barger, linking to 2012 photos of the Detroit Fanfare co-promoter posing with strippers at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club:

i find all of the accusations for my Powerpuff Girls image sexualizing minors not only ridiculous but also embarrassing (for the accusers) and disturbing especially since it's started by a person of such value as seen in the pictures below.

a person argued that i've gained popularity from the situation, but I'VE NEVER ASKED FOR ANY OF THIS, ESPECIALLY IN THIS MANNER. and i'm curious to know why are all the arguments about trying to keep the image away from the girls? what about the boys?

by the way, it's too late now.... the image has spread wider now than it would ever have as a comic book cover in stores.

computer savvy children are seeing it and will see it for a long long time easily too on their computer monitors, even the ones who would never have if this nonsense has not started by that one perverted mind who conjured up the nonsense in his dirty mind. how is he going to stop the kids from seeing the image on the internet now?

According to ICv2, IDW will notify retailers on Tuesday about a replacement cover, and will be able to adjust their orders accordingly.

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