Artist Michael Lark Now Exclusive to Marvel

Official Press Release

Michael Lark is, well, happy as a lark. "I can't tell you how excited I am to be working with Marvel. The work I'm doing so far is some of the most fun and exciting work I've done in years."

The renowned artist is well known throughout the comics industry for his distinctive delineations and has gained not only a serious fan following but has also garnered Harvey and Eisner nominations and awards. Lark's past projects have included DC/Vertigo books Scene of the Crime, Batman: Nine Lives, Terminal City, Superman: War of the Worlds, and the critically acclaimed Gotham Central. His collaborators have ranged from such comics personalities such as Ed Brubaker and Dean Motter, to Marvel Comics legend Roy Thomas.

Lark's art has been described as a modern look at the noir films of old. His use of blacks and whites, shadows and highlights, has led to a unique style that lends itself well to stories of a grittier nature. Though he's no stranger to super-heroes, Lark excels at presenting the common man, making characters both believable and poignant.

With Marvel, Lark hopes to define his imaging even further. "I'm getting to push my art in directions that I've never explored before, which is great," he said. "The last few weeks have been a fun, energizing experience, and I have high hopes for at least the next two years." The artist seems quite happy with his new digs at the House of Ideas. "Everyone at Marvel has welcomed me very warmly, and I've really enjoyed working with everyone so far."

"Our goal," reports Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, "is to provide an atmosphere in which Michael can be comfortable to explore new avenues with his art. I can't wait to see what streets he walks us down, what surprises are in store."

Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley is a pretty happy guy, too. "When we first sat down with Michael to talk about what we'd like to collaborate on, it soon became apparent that the projects were long-range and would have a significant impact on the Marvel Universe. That led to offering him an exclusive contract. Joe and I are thrilled to have Michael at Marvel and have him play in our Universe."

What exactly is cooking behind Michael Lark's door at the House of Ideas? "In addition to the Daredevil What if?!," he states, "I'm really excited to be contributing art to the new ongoing Captain America series with my longtime collaborator Ed Brubaker. And in 2005 Ed and I will be doing a mini-series focusing on the background of one of Marvel's most notorious villains." And after that? "After that, as I said, we've got some long-term projects in mind, but we'll save that surprise for later..."

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