Artist Michael Broussard Signs Exclusively With Top Cow

Announced today during the Baltimore Comic-Con, artist Michael Broussard has signed an exclusive three-year contract with Top Cow Studios. This exclusive contract signing with Top Cow follows another announced last month, when artist Stjepan Sejic signed for three years as the long-term artist on "Witchblade," and is part of Top Cow's ongoing commitment to bring artistic stability to its titles.

A Los Angeles native, Broussard fell in love with comics at the age of twelve when he saw his first "X-Men" comic and knew right then he wanted to be a comic artist. His career began with Top Cow in 2006 following an entry into Top Cow's Talent Search. His first published work was in "Civil War: The Initiative" where he assisted Marc Silvestri, while his first solo professional work was on "Unholy Union," a cross-over between Marvel & Top Cow written by Ron Marz. As part of his new contract with Top Cow, Broussard will be part of the relaunch of "The Darkness" with writer Phil Hester later this year.

"It's been a great experience working directly under my biggest influence, Marc Silvestri," Broussard told CBR News. "And also to have the chance to be apart of the new 'Darkness' run was enough to get my name on the doted line."

How long Broussard will be on "The Darkness" isn't certain, but the artist told CBR News it'll be for at least "quite a while." "I feel like I have a bright future at the Cow and there will be many other titles for me to take a crack at," said Broussard. Broussard said titles Top Cow like "Hunter-Killer," "CyberForce" and "The Magdalena" all interest him highly.

"I've just began chipping away at this lush block of marble that is 'The Darkness," said Broussard. "Easily the number one challenge I've made for myself on this title is to convey Jackie Estecado as a truly tortured soul."

As to his strengths as an artist, Broussard feel's he's got a good grasp on rendering action and story telling. But what of his weaknesses? "I think I need to work a bit more on drawing the female figure - very challenging because it has much more flow and elegance and its hard to hide mistakes.

Look for more on the relaunch of "The Darkness" in the coming months here on CBR.

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