Artist Mark Brooks Exclusive to Marvel

Official Press Release

Artist Mark Brooks considers Marvel Comics the pinnacle for most up-and-coming comic book artist hopefuls. "So who wouldn't be stoked for an opportunity like this?" asks Brooks after the news that the House of Ideas had signed him to an exclusive 3-year contract. "I couldn't be more excited to make Marvel my new home!"

Brooks has been working hard in recent years, building up an amazing portfolio of professional comics work. His recent projects include Amazing Fantasy, Marvel Age Spider-Man, and Cable and Deadpool, which allowed him to work with one of his favorite creators, legendary writer Fabian Niceiza.

"I'd say I've learned more in the last year than I had in all the years working free-lance for all the other companies," says Brooks. "From the first day I started Marvel Age Spider-Man, Marvel has treated me great as well as helping me grow as an artist."

Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley smiles. "Marvel Comics loves nothing more than to nurture new creators and see them succeed. Mark Brooks is a perfect example of this."

"We're pretty proud of Mark," adds Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, "He's gonna go far!"

Upcoming work for the amazing artist includes a 4-issue arc of Amazing Spider-Man with Mike Deodato, and some work for Marvel's new "Age of Apocalypse" event. Brooks has another special ongoing project - providing the covers for the ultra-hot new series Arana: Heart of the Spider.

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