Artist Karl Kerschl Signs 2-Year Exclusive with DC

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Karl Kerschl, who makes his debut as the regular artist on ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN with May's issue #640, has signed a 2-year exclusive agreement with DC Comics.

"There's an emotional involvement in every page and panel of a comic that I work on, and I've never felt that involvement fostered as wonderfully as it has been these last couple of years at DC," says Kerschl. "I've had the good fortune of working closely with [Group Editor] Eddie Berganza and [Associate Editor] Tom Palmer, who have encouraged me to take an active part in shaping the projects we've collaborated on and have given me the freedom to tell stories in a way that makes sense to me. We share a great affection for these characters and I plan to infuse them with as much honesty as I can in these next two years. I was warmly accepted as part of a larger team before I signed anything, and this contract really just solidifies that relationship. I'm extremely honored."

"Since Karl came onto the comics scene, I've been a big fan," says Berganza. "He brings a passion to his work that is evident on the page, and he's interested in what happens to the characters beyond the next fight scene. Teamed with Greg Rucka, you're really going to get a hearty book to sink your teeth into that's both visually stunning and smart. I can't wait to see what he does with the Superman cast as he makes it his own - just check out how he modernized the Eradicator!"

Kerschl's work on last year's SUPERMAN storyline "Strange Visitor" will be collected in the SUPERMAN: STRANGE VISITOR TP (JAN050286). This title is solicited in January's Previews (Volume XV #1) and is scheduled to arrive in stores on March 30 with a cover price of $14.99 U.S.

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #640 will be solicited in March's Previews (Volume XV #3).

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