Artist K.C. Green Returns to "This is Fine" Dog Comic, but with a Twist

It's been an exciting year for comic artist K.C. Green's infamous three-year-old comic strip about a dog in a burning house. The strip was first published in Green's "Gunshow" webcomic and acts as an examination of willful ignorance; a dog wearing a hat sits in a burning house and placidly claims "this is fine." The dog eventually melts from the heat, but that part is rarely included when the single panel in which the dog states his indifference is reposted online. All is obviously not fine, but the dog is not perturbed. Now, however, the dog is perturbed.

Green recently issued a revision of the comic strip on The Nib, in which the dog adamantly claims "this is not fine." In fact, the dog screams it from the top of his lungs, hastily extinguishes the fire and eventually sits weeping in the ashes. It's a stark contrast to the original strip, but not wholly surprising.

Green pinned the inspiration for the revised comic on some of the more impactful issues of 2016, according to an interview with The Verge. Back in July the official Grand Old Party (yes, that's what "GOP" stands for) Twitter account posted Green's original "this is fine" strip in response to the Democratic National Convention. The Nib responded by commissioning Green to make a response comic.

. @GOP We actually paid the artist who made this. Here's what he came up with. pic.twitter.com/4D4bmx9ccp

- The Nib (@thenib) July 26, 2016

Now, with Green's strip at the height of cultural relevance, the artist has launched a Kickstarter for a "this is fine" dog plush. A prototype version of the plush shows a very accurate hat-wearing dog holding a mug on which the iconic line is emblazoned. As of press time, the Kickstarter has met its goal more than six and a half times over. Now, even if things aren't fine, you'll have something furry and soft to clutch while the world falls to pieces.

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