Artist Jesus Saiz signs 2-year exclusive with DC

Official Press Release

Jesus Saiz, penciller of the new DCU series MANHUNTER, has signed a 2-year exclusive agreement with DC Comics.

"Sometimes life surprises you by surpassing your expectations," says Saiz. "When I was thinking that comic books would be a nice hobby, I discovered I could get some money out of them. When I was thinking I would have to combine it with my other job, I discovered I could live off of it - something that made me very happy. When I was very happy, DC told me they wanted to work with me, which was a dream come true, and dreaming I was when I got the offer to do MANHUNTER and I thought, 'What more can I ask?' Now DC has offered me an exclusive contract!"

"I've wanted to work with Jesus Saiz for a long time, and this turned out to be not only a good opportunity, but also a perfect fit," says Joan Hilty, MANHUNTER editor. "He brings a gorgeous, expressive, dynamic and very European style to DC's arsenal, so I'm thrilled he's exclusive to us. Jesus renders Marc Andreyko's fast-paced plots and complex characters with supreme skill and confidence. And with lots of DCU heroes and villains appearing in the series' first five issues, readers will be blown away by Jesus' work!"

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