Artist J.H. Williams III Signs Two-Year Exclusive with DC

Official Press Release

Artist J.H. Williams III, the Eisner Award-nominated artist best known for his spectacular work on America's Best Comics' PROMETHEA, has signed a two-year exclusive agreement with DC Comics. Williams, currently providing covers for JSA, is also the artist of the upcoming WildStorm series DESOLATION JONES, written by Warren Ellis. His past credits also include CHASE and JLA: THE JUSTICE RIDERS.

"In the thirteen years or so I've been working in this business, WildStorm/DC has been the most pleasurable and fulfilling to work with," says Williams. "They have great vision, vitality, scope and conviction. Where else but DC can you taste European and English fare one day and a diverse range of alternative and super-hero the next? I feel I'm at my best when I have as few limits and as many possibilities as feasible. I'm confident that this will only be the beginning of my further collaboration with the pioneering DC Comics."

"J.H. Williams doesn't play it safe," says Scott Dunbier, Executive Editor - WildStorm. "With each page, in any medium, he brings something new and fresh to what he does, and always in service of good storytelling. It's been a true pleasure working with him on PROMETHEA and I look forward to starting work on our new series this summer."

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