Artist in Need

You may not know the name off the top of your head but if you've been reading Marvel comics, or SF and fantasy paperbacks, for any length of time at all then you've seen Bob Larkin's work.

For my part, I first noticed it on the Marvel paperbacks in the 1970s. Both on the big Fireside trade paperback collections...

...and also on the prose paperback novels.

Once I learned to recognize the style it seemed as though I saw it everywhere. At some point Bob Larkin was doing covers for everything cool I liked.

It wasn't just comics. He was all over the paperback spinner racks, too.

Easily my favorites of all his covers, though, were his Savage Sword of Conan pieces. I just loved the way he lit things.

Even the redesign he did of the Savage Sword corner logo, with the little Conan head-shot, was cool.

So here's the deal. Bob Larkin's wife Fran is very ill and the Larkins could use a hand. I'll let Terry Allen from Fantom Press tell it...

Bob Larkin, who's done hundreds of paintings for Marvel, DC, Fleer and numerous others, is in desperate need of help. Bob's wife, Fran, has been battling various forms of cancer for the past 12 years and the endless medical bills have put an incredible financial strain on the family. Fran is currently recovering from her latest surgery and Bob has become her caregiver 24/7 leaving him unable to take on new work.

I've been working with Bob the past few years doing primarily Doc Savage based collectible items with the profits going to Bob and family. I've worked with Bob the past couple of years on a sketch book featuring Doc Savage as well as Batman, Stewie, the Shadow , and a whole host of others and it's finally come back from the printers this week.

The books are square bound, 8 ½ x 11" 48 black and white pages and each one is individually signed and numbered by Bob. The paperback edition is $20.00 and there are two deluxe hard cover editions available that are in short supply. 100% of the sales from this book are going directly to the Larkins, as well as anything else that might interest you on site.


Please feel free to PM me or email me through the site if you need and more information or have questions.

ThanksTerry Allen

So there you have it. I ordered mine this morning... honestly, I'd have been all over a book like that even without knowing it's for a good cause. I know quite a few of you out there reading this have lamented how comics industry elders never get the support they deserve. Well, here's a tangible way to give one some direct support and get some cool swag in return. Win-win. Lord knows, I've had enough enjoyment from Bob Larkin's work in the past to kick in twenty bucks to help his wife beat cancer. I'm betting most of you have too.

If you can't chip in for a book, at least consider spreading the word. Remember, most comics pros don't have corporate health plans or structured retirement. They just have us. Let's prove that can be enough.

Our best to Bob and Fran Larkin, and thanks to Tony Isabella for bringing this to my attention in the first place.

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