Artist Drew Rausch Takes on Houdini

Official Press Release

Creator Dwight L. MacPherson and Dead Dog Entertainment are pleased to announce that fan-favorite artist Drew Rausch will be taking over the art chores of their pulp horror book ABRA CADAVER: THE AFTERLIFE ADVENTURES OF HARRY HOUDINI as of issue 2.

Rausch is best known for his cult hit mini-series SULLENGREY (www.sullengrey.com ), published by APE Entertainment. "A few months back, Dwight asked me to do the cover for issue two, and that was my first introduction to ABRA CADAVER. When he told me what he was doing, I was really excited that someone was going to actually pull this off." Rausch stated. "You really get sucked in to the concept because it's so outrageous. Basically it broke down to magic, zombies and ruthless Nazis. How can you possibly say no to that?!"

"Call it fate--or the ethereal hand of Houdini from beyond the grave--but I find it rather ironic that Drew is taking over art chores on the book which features the cover he illustrated several months back." ABRA CADAVER creator Dwight L. MacPherson stated. "Drew really 'gets it,' and I'm certain that fans will be absolutely blown away by his work on the book. I can't wait!"

ABRA CADAVER: THE AFTERLIFE ADVENTURES OF HARRY HOUDINI issue 1 is currently available for pre-order through Diamond's August Previews. The Diamond Order Code is: AUG06 3215.

The official solicit for the first of this innovational four issue mini-series reads as follows:

When Harry Houdini died in 1926, it was only the beginning. Plunged into the fires of Hell, Harry must confront the only being more deceptive than himself...the Devil. Will the master illusionist concede defeat or accomplish history's greatest escape?


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