Artist Dawn 'Little Red Hot' Brown joins 'Vampirella' team

Official Press Release

[Vampirella]Harris Comics is pleased to announce that Dawn Brown will be the artist on the upcoming VAMPIRELLA # 7-10.

Familiar to comics fans through her creator-owned Image series "Little Red Hot" and "Little Red Hot: Bound", Brown jumped at the chance to sink her teeth into the adventures of the Vampirella.

"Vampirella's a strong female hero who has stood the test of time," Brown says of her new assignment. "Plus, the fun subject matter of Vampirella was a welcome break from the somber tone of 'Little Red Hot'. I promise I'm working hard to bring you guys my very best work!"

Harris editor Maureen McTigue had a challenge when looking for someone to fill in for regular artist Mike Mayhew. "Mike's set such a high bar for the book's look that I needed to find a very specific style. Dawn has that and more. She jumped at the chance and she's been more than just a pleasure to work with.

"She has a great visual sense and she bends over backwards for details. Just wait till you see the circus!"

For the four-issue arc art will be teased online at Vampirella.com.

VAMPIRELLA #7 is in stores in March. The Vampirella story, "Hungry Ghosts," is written by series regular John Smith with art by Brown. Joining the book for those four months is the long awaited Pantha story written by Smith with Mark Millar and fully painted by Mark Texeira.

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