Artist Chris Moreno draws a-holes after a zombie apocalypse

It seems that even after a zombie apocalypse, there are still dickheads you have to deal with.

That's the story cartoonist Chris Moreno is telling in his new comic book Zombie Dickheads Are NOT Coming To Get You, set for release in October. Moreno's produced a diverse amount of work in his short career, from Disney's Toy Story to a World War Hulk one-shot, but this book sees him doing his first creator-owned book from the ground up.

“[The title characters are] total jerks,” Moreno says in the press release. “Imagine the idiots who get everyone killed in zombie movies the day after they come back from the dead, and now they have to stick together. I've heard them referred to as 'hipster zombies', since they have a sort of  'been there, done that' attitude to the whole zombie thing. In a way, they're sort of commentators on the whole zombie invasion of pop culture.”

The October release clocks in at 48 pages, and will debut  at Chris' table at the Nashville Comic and Horror Fest on Oct. 1. After that it'll be available at all his future convention appearances, as well as a website he set up for the book.

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