Artist change for DC/Wildstorm's 'StormWatch'

On his Delphi forum, "StormWatch" writer target="_blank">Micah Wright confirmed that artist C.P. Smith will be off the series and Clement Suave ("Human Defense Corps") will take his place with issue #21. Wright wrote about the change, "The cat's out of the bag with April's solicitations, so there's no reason to hide things any longer... CP Smith got a great offer from Marvel and he's off to do a book over there (and no, I won't tell you what). CP's been great on 'StormWatch' and I'm extremely sad to see him go.

"One good side-effect of his leaving, though, is that soon everyone will be saying 'Oh, check out this new artist, he's totally great!' The simple truth is that the average Marvel book sells 5x what 'StormWatch' sells and CP will be raising his profile by leaps and bounds.

"Hopefully some of those Marvel Zombies will then come buy the third 'StormWatch: Team Achilles' trade paperback to see some of CP's earlier work. Especially if I get the cover artist on the book that I'm pushing for. Hoo-Daddy, especially.

"CP and I have plans to work together in the future, both at WildStorm and elsewhere (ooh, look at those tantalizing hints), so have no fear all of you CP/Micah Team Achilles fans... you'll be seeing the team-up again.

"As for who replaces CP, well, it's the tremendously talented Clement Suave. A few of you will remember a book which came out from DC last year called 'Human Defense Corps.' That was Clement. He'll be taking over art chores on 'StormWatch' beginning with #21 and he's going to be doing a fine job."

Wright posted the image to your right by Suave on his forum. You can discuss this story on CBR's ABC/Wildstorm forum in this thread.

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