Arthur Suydam Pins The Dragon (Dragon Con that is)!

Official Press Release

Who needs those badges?  Dragon Con, that's who!

Just announced, the ever popular Dragon Con--which virtually takes over the South Labor Day weekend--will be featuring an exclusive new Arthur Suydam oil painting entitled "Some Like it Very Hot," as it's official badge...(which, by the way, is not stinky in the least .)

In fact, according to convention promoter Pat Henry, this is one of his "favorite pieces of art ever done for the convention." Seems as if fans and collectors of Suydam memorabilia will agree, as for this exclusive, Arthur calls on his fine art roots to create a piece that is inspired by both 1950's Hollywood glamour and the current Zombie craze. 

It has already been a record year for the "Marvel Zombie" cover artist, as that series has set amazing records for number of reprints, with the hardcover collected edition currently hitting stands. More Zombies are in the works certainly, but Suydam, never content to sit still, is also "covering" the new Marvel series, "Hellstrom: Son of Satan," while DC Comics and Clampett Studios have just released the new Suydam Batman giclee "Domain of the Bat."

But there's more! In a unique double-header, Dragon Con will not only be featuring Suydam artwork on this collectible badge, but they will also be giving out a free limited edition poster featuring Arthur Suydam artwork to everyone that walks in the door. The exclusive will be kept under wraps until the show begins.  Suydam, will also be on hand to sign posters, as well.

Dragon Con runs from September 1st-4th in Atlanta, Georgia. All attendees at the show will receive the exclusive Dragon Con badge, while the limited edition poster is available while supplies last.  Check out www.dragoncon.org for details.

For information on Arthur Suydam and to see more of his work, check out: www.evainkpublishing.com

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