Artgerm Unveils His Scream: Curse of Carnage Variant

Stanley "Artgerm" Lau has revealed his variant cover for Scream: Curse of Carnage #1, which is slated to arrive this fall.

The cover -- which was posted to the prominent cover artists' Twitter page -- naturally showcases the titular character. The red and yellow symbiote pops out against the neutral background, her hair flowing. Scream is evidently prepared for a fight as well, her eyes looking forward and claw-like nails at the ready.

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Come November, Scream is returning to the Marvel universe in a major way, as Scream: Curse of Carnage #1 set to kick off a brand-new ongoing solo series starring the titular Venom offspring following the events of Absolute Carnage. At this time, the Scream symbiote's new human counterpart remains a mystery - that is, if it even has a host at all. Scream's former hosts include Patricia Robertson, Andi Benton and Donna Diego.

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Nevertheless, it's safe to say Scream's presence in New York City is going to catch the attention of its heroes, namely its wall-crawling ones.

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Written by Clay McLeod Chapman and illustrated by Chris Mooneyham, Scream: Curse of Carnage #1 goe on sale Nov. 27 from Marvel Comics.

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