Art teams for DC's Red Circle one-shots named

DC Comics has revealed details about the Archie Heroes/Red Circle one-shots they'll release in August. We already know J. Michael Straczynski is writing them, but today they shared the art teams, as well as some new preview artwork from the books.

"Each book slides off the next, showing the interconnectedness of the world, how fate can launch a bank shot from one person to the next," JMS said.

So here's the rundown on the art teams:

  • The Hangman: Tom Derenick and Bill Sienkiewicz, whose work you can see to the right. Editor Joey Cavalieri says it's about "...a doctor who’s been spared the executioner’s noose (a circle of rope, get it?) only to be confronted with a choice that condemns him to roam around Earth forever, aiding everyone in his orbit."
  • Inferno: Greg Scott, who worked on Marvel's newuniversal:1959 and BOOM!'s Galveston mini-series. It's about an amnesiac who can set things on fire.
  • The Shield: Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens. "The Shield is the spearhead of a program meant to encompass America’s borders, but quickly becomes a link in a bigger chain," Cavalieri said.
  • The Web: Roger Robinson and Hilary Barta; Robinson did the art for the Blue Beetle/Hardware team-up in DC's Brave and the Bold title. He also did these really cool game menu screens for a canceled Flash video game.

As previously reported, the one-shots will introduce these heroes to the regular DC Universe.

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