Art Meets Commerce, Hopefully Survives the Experiences

DC officially announced Wednesday Comics today (read about it here at Newsarama), and wow, it sounds like it will be an amazingly awesome comic series.

12 issues produced in the format of a Sunday comics section in a newspaper. 14” x 20” broadsheet format that will have to be unfolded and opened to be read.

From an artistic perspective, that's beautiful. And the talent they have lined up to do it is remarkable.

Kyle Baker, Neil Gaiman, Mike Allred, Brian Azzarello, Paul Pope, Walt Simonson, Dave Bullock, Dave Gibbons, Ryan Sook, John Arcudi, Lee Bermejo, Joe Kubert, Ben Caldwell, Kurt Busiek, Eddie Berganza, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner and Karl Kerschel.

What an amazing array of talent.

So from an artistic standpoint, MAJOR congratulations due to DC Comics.

I just fear the commercial prospects of such a format. It reminds me a lot of Solo, which was amazing yet sold poorly. Only this sounds even LESS traditionally commercial.

I suppose making it only 12 issues is the "solution," in that it limits liability, and if it IS a hit, they'll do more in the future.

I wish them the best, as it is thrilling to see companies undertake such ambitious artistic endeavors.

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