Art book retailer Bud Plant is back in business, with son joining operation

Last year Robot 6 reported that the longtime retailer Bud Plant was retiring, with plans to sell off his mail-order business Bud's Art Books. But after months of unsuccessfully trying to find a buyer, Plant has relented and re-engaged in his business with new energy and new blood--namely, his son.

"We convinced a lot of people that we were going out of business, which I say with some regret now that we have changed our plans," Plant said in a blog post. "We've downsized, but we are carrying on in our 43rd year, with my son coming on board and my renewed interest in digging up cool and unusual books for your approval."

Bud Plant is a legendary name in the comics community, being one of the biggest proponents of underground comix and also one of the pioneers in comics distribution. The one-time owner of one of the largest comic shop chains in the United States, he sold his warehouses to Diamond in 1988, which helped that then-fledgling company become a national distributor.

With a renewed focus in retailing, Bud's Art Books plans to transition from being a mail-order business by catalog to embracing the internet with a weekly email catalog to customers.  You can sign up to receive it over on their website.

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