Art Barrage | The return of Paul Pope, among other matters

More proof that Paul Pope's Battling Boy may actually be about to see the light of day emerges arrives courtesy Mark Siegel's diary for The Comics Journal. And, providing corroborating evidence that Pope can finish a job as well as start it, he has got a short story, "Treasure Lost," coming up in Vertigo's Halloween special Ghosts. Some lovely sci-fi/fantasy art going on in that 'un, reminding me of those Dune pages he used to do for fun. Check that out, and lots more by Jamie McKelvie, Yuko Shimizu, Jason Shawn Alexander and others below.

Check out the amazing Batcave diorama by Carlyle Livingston II and Wayne Hussey (presumably not the guy out of Sisters of Mercy/The Mission). These guys have a lot of time on their hands/very agreeable spouses/OCD. (via io9; click through for a gallery of this stuff)

Fond of Osamu Tezuka? So is the street artist KAWS, who came up with this fetching vinyl toy. Yours for $231.

On- time regular contributor to various Dark Horse comics Jason Shawn Alexander now seems o be concentrating on a fine-art career. He has a new show about to start at 101/exhibit Contemporary Art Gallery in West Hollywood. I remember being pretty fond of his work on The Escapist and Abe Sapien, and this looks like a helluva leap upward.

I can't seem to get through one of these posts without some work by Yuko Shimizu. She posted a great gallery on Behance of commercial art she's done for various clients, loosely themed together as "Asian Super-girls."

The disinterest of American audiences in the great Dredd 3D may have scuppered its chances of a sequel, but it'll probably ensure its future status as a cult classic. Here's a great shot of Olivia Thirlby in costume as Cassie Anderson by current Marvel editorial favorite Jamie McKelvie.

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