Art Barrage | Mike Huddleston, Paul Pope, James Harren and more

I see art blog collective Brand New Nostalgia have added a new member, James Harren. Here's an example of his style from his own blog, a Dark Knight Returns Batman, from May. Great color palette. See the full-sized imaged, plus new work by Paul Pope, Mike Huddleston and others, below.

One of my current favorite publishers, the U.K.'s Blank Slate Books, has a great marketing campaign going for its next book, Louise Evans' Felt Mistress: Creature Couture (as previewed exclusively by Robot 6 in July). The company has Willy Wonka-style "find the felt ticket" competition to win the creation from the book's cover, and is releasing a limited-edition variant with the book bundled (in sumptuous packaging designed by comics polymath Woodrow Phoenix) alongside a vinyl toy of Evans' signature character Tippy.

Another sighting of the lesser-spotted Paul Pope: Last week he illustrated a piece in The New York Times about the tribulations of being a modern man and going for massages and beauty treatments. These came via the very thorough fan-Tumblr Ukiyo-e-Pope.

Street artist Sever SMK swiping Alex Toth. I like Sever's work, it's angry and political, two things street art does well.

Art Barrage frequent flyer Jack Teagle has been making custom action figures of the cast of his mind-melting comic Fight!  He'll eventually sell these at his online shop.

U.K. comic artist Paul Harrison-Davies has been messing around with the ultra-limiting finger-painting app Finngr, with surprisingly sophisticated results. Some decent likenesses and characterful versions of iconic characters among the work here.

I love the work of Mike Huddleston. Let's start calling him the Jerry Lewis of comics, because the French seem to absolutely adore him, too.  He recently posted some con sketches on his Facebook page, and in an Art Barrage-baiting move, included a Totoro.

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