Art Barrage | Dan Quintana's Batman, Ian McQue's Dredd and more

By now, everyone's bound to have seen Matt Fraction's Fantastic Four Tumblr, yeah? The writer is publicly working out his background reading for taking over the comic those of us of a certain age still see as Marvel's flagship, and it's highly entertaining. My favorite of all the panels Fraction has flagged up so far has been the one above, which you could imagine being slapped around town on a sticker by Shepard Fairey. Andre the giant has a posse, and it includes Professor X. Much more art, including work by Dan Quintana, Ian McQue, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell and Tim Hamilton, below.

Saw this the other day: another fine artist with a thing for Batman. Dan Quintana, a painter with a style I'd say was pitched equidistant of James Jean and Hieronymus Bosch, sketched this up for his nephew. I saw another piece by Quintana recently which used Batman-influenced iconography, but it was decidedly NSFW. So don't click on this link if you're not accompanied by a grown-up.

Saw this over at my special favorite reviewer Chris Ready's blog, and dunno if this was official concept art for the upcoming movie, or just done for fun, but it's Ian McQue's Dredd on a bike. I like it -- the Lawmaster design they've gone with in the movie is a little too ... Batcycle.

On the subject of my special favorites, here's a Tank Girl drawn by the great Warwick Johnson-Cadwell while on a recent (and if his Twitter feed is to be believed, rather hellish-sounding) camping holiday.

I always love the work Tim Hamilton posts at the sketchblog Drawbridge. Again, those "comic fans of a certain age" will remember Hamilton for drawing the classic indie The Trouble With Girls, but may not be aware of just how good and how far-out he's come since then, so do try and get your hands on the adaptations he's done of Treasure Island and Fahrenheit 451. Here's a sketch that evokes all kinds of great SF cartoonists (Moebius and Brendan McCarthy, for starters).

Here's some work by Derick James, an artist who creates old school-style tattoo flash.  Lately, he's been posting pieces at his Tumblr influenced by comic culture.

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