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Jim Mahfood provides cover art for the comic-loving DJ Food et al's Solid Steel Caught In The Middle of a 3-Way Mix, a rather great tribute to The Beastie Boy's Paul's Boutique. Below the break: Dan Panosian, Michael Cho, Charles Burns and more.

Dan Panosian is selling sketches directly through BigCartel. He did some interesting Mad Men-themed ones lately, but has just posted this - a fun drawing of patron of the comics arts, diminutive Misfits/Samhain hollerer Glenn Danzig (also, what the world has been waiting for, the inevitable Conan/George Thorogood crossover).

Michael Cho has an illustration in Torchbearer magazine "on the subject of quantum physics, time travel and viewing the past. I was grateful that they gave me the latitude to do a 'pulp sci-fi' take on it."

Spotted at Steve Cook's blog - Nick Knight's cover to the next issue of Garage magazine, treating Roy Lichtenstein with the disrespect he deserves while using the language of comics in a new-yet-inevitable way.

And Charles Burns' latest beer label art for the Elysian Brewing Company (via the Fantagraphics Flickr account, see some others here).

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