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This year's CBLDF Liberty Annual from Image (#5) has this lovely cover from Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson. I'm always a sucker for an image of a girl on a scooter (see also: Adi Granov's redonkulously-proportioned effort from 2009). Or on a cafe racer. As Ringo once put it, "I'm not a mod or a rocker, I'm a mocker." Lots more below, from Simon Gane, Becky Cloonan, Chris Weston, Ron Wimberly and others.

Simon Gane has been on holiday in France, I'm guessing. Either that, or he's scouting new locations for Godzilla to tramp through.

 One of those artists whose work you'll find straddling fine art, illustration and comics is Gerhard Human. He's working on a strip for the Drawmore anthology Nobodies, Vol. 2, and posted some samples that show Moebius' continuing hold upon a new generation.

 Comic artists love to blog sketches and preparatory work for every project they work on, but the ones who head off to work on movies have to sign non-disclosure agreements promising not to show off any of the work they do while employed in the all-too-litigious world of Hollywood. Chris Weston regularly produces pre-viz work for the Hughes Bros, including these storyboards for a proposed live-action adaptation of Akira. Just a couple of days ago, Chris was saying he couldn't show any of this work because of an NDA, but since then Albert Hughes himself has leaked them on Facebook, so it must now be okay. As you can see, it's very faithful stuff.

 I'd recommending following Becky Cloonan's Tumblr, where she regularly posts great looking images, like this illustration from Dracula.

Favorite-of-assorted-Robot 6-contributors Ben Caldwell continues to post his amazing daily sketches at his blog. I'm running this one because of my ongoing thing for Frank Thorne's work.

 The artist Ronald Wimberly existed at the periphery of my comics knowledge until last weekend, when a recommendation from as trusted a source as you can get sent me straight to Amazon to pick up as much by the man as I could find.

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