Art Barrage | Bumper post-Thanksgiving meat sweats edition

Illustrator Christina Ung manages to fit in just about everyone on the planet going at it Gangnam Style, including The Caped Crusader. Batman is, of course, no stranger to faddish dance crazes (also by Christina - The Unreliable Superhero). More below, including work by Ron Wimberly, Ben Caldwell, Daniel Krall, Ashley Wood and many other talented human beings.One of my favourite books of this year has been Ronald Wimberly's Prince Of Cats, and I recently re-read the great Frank Cottrell Boyce's Framed, which uses the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for a number of pivotal plot points. So I got a kick out of Wimberly posting these recently to his Tumblr and DeviantArt pages.

Illustrator Robert Ball finally became a proper comicker recently when he launched his self-published Winter's Knight: Day One at the Thoughtbubble Festival. Robert recently was involved in producing work in his influential Fifty Baddies-style for the marketing of the new game Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. For everyone who's always wanted to see PaRappa The Rapper beat up Kratos from God Of War, this game is a big deal.

I think everyone on the planet has gathered by now how much I love Uli Oesterle's work, by my frequent plugging of Blank Slate's great Hector Umbra collection. I can't believe I've failed to shoehorn anything by him into an Art Barrage yet, but let's correct that with this very cute seasonal piece he recently posted at his blog.

Somebody else who was at Leeds, UK's Thoughtbubble Festival was Roger Langridge. I loved the gallery of sketches from the convention that he posted at his blog, including this one of the Rocketeer: Langridge will soon be writing the adventures of the character for IDW in a mini-series to be drawn by the excellent J Bone.

Around the end of the Olympic Games, we featured the work of "the other" Rich Johnson. Just in time for Christmas, he's selling prints of his witty Olympibots designs at his online store.

Just one of these days, I'm going to be Johnny-on-the-spot and make an offer in time on one of Ben Caldwell's Daily Doodles.

One of the things that excited me most about Ivan Brandon setting up Offset Lab was the possibility of regular exposure to new Daniel Krall art.

Finally, as someone who misses the Sparrow and Swallow books he edited for IDW, I was happy to see Ashley Wood release a preview of the first iteration of his Goya showcase books, featuring collections by Kent Williams, John Cuneo, SAIL and one by Ash himself. These are in a very rock'n'roll format - 12"x12".

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