Art Barrage | Bond's Wonder Woman and Bagwell's <i>Adventure Time</i>

It used to be that the regular place to go to get new Philip Bond art was his Flickr page, but that has been joined of late by his Instagram feed. This Wonder Woman has something of both Robert Crumb and Summer Glau about her.

Below: plenty of great pieces by Jack Teagle, Edmund Bagwell, Fabio Moon and more.

Jack Teagle is the writer/artist of a great U.K. comic Fight!, published by NoBrow Press. I'd describe his work to an international audience as having something of that inspired lunacy of Johnny Ryan, with the dream logic dialed up and the transgressive tendencies dialed down. Lately he's been posting drawings of various copyrighted female characters, almost as bait to comic art bloggers such as myself. Instead, here's a recent commission he's done of Argus Panoptes from Greek myth.

I've seen a few artists do the Adventure Time characters in a more realistic style before online, but hell, yeah, Edmund Bagwell.

While Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá have been posting plenty of webcomics to their Portuguese-language blog, the English-language one has been a little short of content lately. I miss those guys. Here's a sketch Fabio posted recently.

U.K. comicker John Welding makes a fair point: Those recent photographs from the surface of Mars are great, but they could be a little livelier.

I'm a sucker for anyone who posts a sketch or a pin-up of The Shadow, and Marc Laming's is particularly glamorous.

Dunno anything about the artist Justin Coffee, but I've been following him on Tumblr since his recent Batgirl sketch came across my dashboard. Looking at his work, I can see he's graduated from a traditional animation-influenced style to a likeable spikier one, like a slicker Corey Lewis. Anyway, kids: Smoking's not cool. It makes you smell terrible and die looking like an emaciated Shar Pei. And sounding like one.

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