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[Vampirella/Magdalena]March, 2003, Runnemede NJ -- Dynamic Forces is proud to present the exclusive alternate cover to Magdalena/Vampirella #1 featuring brand-new art by the incredible Art Adams!

This titanic cross-over features comics two premiere lethal ladies and our exclusive cover marks the first time ever Art Adams has captured a Top Cow character in pen and ink. While having previously rendered the heroine of Drakulon, this exclusive piece of art features the first time Art Adams has ever drawn Magdalena - one of Top Cow's premiere lethal ladies, who will be launching in her own series come summer.

"Art Adams and I have had a great relationship over the last 10 years, and it gets stronger all the time! We are very fortunate and happy to have him do one of the things that Arthur does best. One is drawing monkeys, the other is drawing beautiful women, and the beautiful women are definitely up our fans alley! (Monkey's are too - but there aren't any in this crossover)," said Nick Barrucci, President of Dynamic Forces. "Art Adams fans, Top Cow fans, and all comic fans will love this cross-over and this exclusive cover!"


The trifecta of all firsts! The first Top Cow/ Harris crossover features the first Magdalena/Vampirella crossover! The first time in over 2 years Art Adams is doing non-DC work! The first time ever Art has ever drawn Magdalena!

Since Top Cow has one of the best artists on this cross-over project in the form of Joe Benitez, Dynamic Forces had to raise the bar and get one of the best artists in the business to do the exclusive cover. Here is your chance to get the limited edition only from Dynamic Forces!

$6.99 Suggested Retail Price.

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