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Arrowverse’s Invasion! Just Opened the Door to a Teen Titans Debut

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Arrowverse’s Invasion! Just Opened the Door to a Teen Titans Debut

The Arrowverse has already introduced Wally West on “The Flash,” and thanks to a seemingly throwaway scene on “Arrow’s” chapter of The CW’s “Invasion!” crossover, fans are left wondering whether Vic Stone can be far behind.

While much of this week’s episode of “Arrow” focused on the dream-induced adventures of Oliver, Thea, Ray and company, Green Arrow’s team of vigilantes was busy working alongside The Flash and Supergirl to take it to alien invaders in the physical realm. During an attempt to track down and corral the Dominators, Wild Dog stumbled upon an unexpected, and never-before-seen, threat in the form of a cybernetically enhanced woman. While she proves too much for the non-superpowered Wild Dog, the team of Supergirl and The Flash make quick work of the villain, with time for a few quips along the way. That’s the last we see of the mystery villain, although Mr. Terrific later dubs her “Cyber Woman,” a moniker Cisco wholeheartedly endorses.

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So, what does this have to do with the Teen Titans and Vic Stone? Well, while Cyber Woman (played by actress Erica Luttrell) doesn’t exist in the DC Comics source material, there is a Cybergirl, and not only does the comic book character bear a striking resemblance to the villain we met on “Arrow,” she exhibits a similar power set and has strong ties to Stone’s alter ego, the hero known as Cyborg.

Is Cyber Woman the key to seeing the Teen Titans in the Arrowverse?

A former drug addict, LeTonya Charles destroyed her health and body due to overuse of a drug called Tar, a concoction that provides users with temporary super-strength. As her body began to break down, LeTonya was saved by her aunt, one of the scientists who helped to create the cybernetic implants that transformed Vic Stone into Cyborg.

LeTonya took on the name Cybergirl, opting for a life of villainy rather than heroism. Although her initial target was Wonder Woman, Cybergirl later joined the Cyborg Revenge Squad, teaming with other cybernetic bad guys to attack and destroy Vic Stone.

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A live-action series starring the Teen Titans has been in and out of production for years, with the most recent version stalling nearly a year ago at TNT. While a pilot was never shot, the rumored cast included Nightwing, Barbara Gordon, Hawk, Dove, Raven and Starfire. No, Cyborg wasn’t among the series’ supposed roster, but that was before fans caught a glimpse of Ray Fisher’s version of the hero in the upcoming “Justice League” movie …

Cyborg's already headed to the big screen -- why not make The CW Vic Stone's home as well?

While conventional wisdom once held that if a character was appearing in a live-action film, there was little to no chance of them showing up on live-action television, this is a different era, and DC’s heroes follow their own rules. We have multiple Flashes racing around the DC Multiverse, two Supermen, and teases of a Batman operating on “Supergirl’s” Earth, even as he’s taking point in the DC Films universe and his younger alter-ego is at the center of Fox’s “Gotham” series. It stands to reason, then that Warner Bros. may look at a Teen Titans in the Arrowverse as a way to capitalize on the higher-profile Fisher’s Cyborg will bring the character.

Beyond the movie tie-in aspect, we should also consider that The CW had considered dipping its toe into the Teen Titans pool before. In 2012, news broke that the network waspursuing a series starring Raven, the dark magic-powered daughter of a demon who just so happens to make her home at Titans Tower. Before that, it briefly considered developing “The Graysons,” a “Smallville”-like series intended to follow the adventures of Dick Grayson before his parents were murdered and he became Robin.

This could all mean nothing, of course, with Cyber Woman’s appearance a mere Easter egg, thrown into an already jam-packed storyline to add an extra level of fun. After all, the Arrowverse dramas love to take deep dives into DC Comics lore, and not every one of them has proved to be truly relevant. (Has anything really come from teasing viewers with Ma Hunkel’s Red Tornado helmet?) Then again, the Teen Titans are pretty appealing characters, and one of the team’s major adversarial organizations from the comics — H.I.V.E. — has already made its existence well known to Green Arrow and his allies. Taking all that into consideration, it’s not difficult, then, to see how Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and the rest of the Arrowverse overseers might be interested in bringing the younger team to The CW — finally.

The CW’s four-night crossover event between its DC Comics-based shows concludes tonight on “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.”

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