It Looks Like Arrowverse's Black Suit Superman May Be a Villain in Elseworlds

As principal photography continues for The CW's next Arrowverse crossover, "Elseworlds," new photos emerging online from the filming location in Vancouver have shown Tyler Hoechlin's Superman wearing the iconic black and silver suit.

Normally associated with the resurrection of the Man of Steel in the 1993 comic book storyline The Return of Superman, this incarnation of the Last Son of Krypton appears to be different than the Earth-38 version introduced in the Season 2 premiere of Supergirl. But based on the set photos, the black-suited Superman could appear as a villain for the television crossover event if not the main antagonist for the assembled heroes of the DCTV Multiverse.

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First seen in an Instagram post from Arrow star Stephen Amell last week, Hoechlin's black-suited Kal-El was shown posing with Amell and The Flash star Grant Gustin between filming scenes for December's crossover. While there was no indicator which Earth this version of Superman was from, set photos surfacing online this week showed a much more stoic black-suited Hoechlin in character as he read from an aged tome on a pulpit featuring mysterious text first glimpsed in the Season 4 premiere of The Flash after Barry Allen's months-long exile in the Speed Force.

Given the similarity of text in the manuscript to Barry's compulsive scrawling after escaping the extra-dimensional realm, perhaps the Scarlet Speedster caught a glimpse of the greater DCTV Multiverse that indelibly imprinted itself upon his mind. Using a pulpit as his platform, the black-suited Superman appears to be using the book to summon something perhaps from the depths of the Multiverse to confront the assembled heroes with a crisis on multiple Earths already underway. And an even more recent batch of set photos seemingly confirm this incarnation of Superman will be actively opposing the heroes of the Arrowverse.

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Other images from the Vancouver set show a version of Hoechlin's Superman in his familiar blue, red and gold ensemble facing off against an unseen opponent, who the Twitter account of YVRShoots says is his dark-suited counterpart. While cases of mistaken intentions and other contrived storytelling have certainly pitted heroes against each other before, including a massive fight between the Supermen of Earth-1 and Earth-2 in the DC Comics crossover event Infinite Crisis, being limited to three episodes for this year's crossover makes the event run even shorter than usual providing less time for a potential misunderstanding and reconciliation. Which may mean this is a truly evil Man of Steel, and not a case of mistaken identity causing a physical confrontation.

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