17 Arrowverse Villains That Look Better Than The Heroes

When a show is airing on The CW it is almost guaranteed that every single human on it will be drop-dead gorgeous. Arrowverse, of course, is no exception. Especially, since it is a superhero universe and comic book artists are known for drawing some rather captivating characters. The heroes of Arrowverse, across all four shows, are simply put: stunning. Not only do they have beautiful faces and rocking bodies, most of them have some pretty cool costumes too. But what about the villains? As we well know, the Arrowverse is packed to the brim with all kinds of villains -- freak of the week, big season bad, and the occasional anti-hero here and there. And much like our beloved heroes, the Arrowverse villains are one good-looking bunch.

On top of that, the really great ones have a striking personality to go with their gorgeous face. But even if they are just horrible human beings, it's hard not to appreciate their handsome presence on-screen. Not to mention that they almost exclusively have better outfits than the heroes they're fighting. What's up with that anyway? Well, whatever the reason, we'd like to show some appreciation to those special Arrowverse villains that make bad look so sinfully good.

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Arrow Black Siren
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Arrow Black Siren

It’s both saddening and thrilling that Laurel Lance’s Earth-2 doppelgänger Black Siren is more popular than the Earth-1 hero Black Canary. She may be attempting to play nice at the moment, but Black Siren is a villain through and through, which she proved on a number of occasions.

This version of Laurel is rocking quite a different look than her Earth-1 counterpart. Dressed in an all-black steamy leather costume adorned with fishnet sleeves, a choker necklace and black lipstick, Black Siren sure knows how to wear her goth bad girl outfit. Katie Cassidy is, of course, absolutely beautiful which just helps make Black Siren even more attractive. We’d dare to say that this version of Laurel looks at least ten times better than Black Canary.


Supergirl Maxwell Lord

Genius, charming, handsome, millionaire -- Maxwell Lord is all that, but he’s also kind of a jerk and can be a pretty horrible person when he puts his mind to it. Yet, we were all pretty smitten with Lord although he secretly plotted to destroy Supergirl. He was a charismatic bad boy and we all know how dangerous that combination can be.

On top of that, the writers sometimes portrayed him as a jerk with a heart of gold, which only made us swoon even more.

Maxwell Lord managed to charm even the self-possessed Cat Grant, as well as flirt with the no-nonsense Agent Alex Danvers. It's a pity the millionaire playboy won't be coming back, it would have been nice to see what else he's got up his sleeve.


Supergirl Silver Banshee

Winn's ill-fated love interest, Siobhan Smythe, was universally disliked. In fact, Winn was the only person to actually like Siobhan. She and Kara, both being Cat's assistants, clashed immediately and the rift got only deeper once Siobhan became the Silver Banshee and went after Supergirl.

Even though, most of us profoundly hated Silver Banshee, we have to admit that she was one of the best-looking villains in the Arrowverse. If you can look past the horrible personality, you can’t not notice that Siobhan is absolutely gorgeous. Which is why it’s hard to fault Winn for falling for her. And even as the Silver Banshee, Italia Ricci looks amazing. The face-paint, the wig, the contacts as well as the costume are all pretty much on point.


The Flash Pied Piper

Hartley Rathaway hasn’t been around on The Flash for a very long time and perhaps it’s time for that to change. Last we saw him, Hartley was a changed man - literally, the Flashpoint changed him through and through - and he was helping Team Flash. However, the pre-Flashpoint version of the character was on his way to adopting the alter-ego Pied Piper in all of its glory.

But no matter which Hartley we’re talking about, one thing is undeniable, he is adorkable. Yes, even the evil version.

Just look at the shot of him locked up in S.T.A.R. Labs improvised prison, he looks like a cute puppy. Hartley Sawyer is most certainly one of the least threatening-looking Flash villains as well as one of the most handsome.


The Flash Golden Glider

The Arrowverse has no shortage of awesome and good-looking sibling duos, and Leonard and Lisa Snart are of course no exception. The gorgeous Lisa took Central City by storm, leaving a chain of broken hearts in her wake. She easily seduced everyone's favorite nerd, Cisco Ramon. And while we may have felt she was just toying with him, it turned out that Lisa too developed feelings for the S.T.A.R. Labs resident adorkable cinnamon roll.

Of course, we’d be lying if we said that her looks didn't catch our eye, but her personality played a big part too. Lisa wasn't a classic villain. She made some bad choices and did some bad things, but she wasn't pure evil. She showed growth, maturity, love and vulnerability. And what's not to like about that.


Arrow The Huntress

The Huntress has been AWOL for quite some time and at this point it would be a minor miracle if she ever did return to Arrow. But hey, we can still hope. Nothing wrong with that. After all, Helena Bertinelli was a very promising character that could have easily developed into either a hero or a villain, and an awesome one at that.

However, the writers apparently decided to scrap all that potential and lock her up in a prison never to be seen again.

A damn shame indeed, considering that the Huntress was also a very captivating and interesting character. Portrayed by the stunning Jessica De Gouw, the Huntress was one of Arrow’s best-looking villains. But Helena was also resourceful, tough and confident -- sometimes even in excess, but it was all part of her charm. Plus, her costume wasn't half bad.


The Flash Weather Wizard

Here’s a face we haven’t seen in a while. Mark Mardon, aka the Weather Wizard, was one Flash’s first foes. This bank robber who graduated to supervillainy couldn’t be bothered to put on a costume, yet he still looked great. Clad in a black leather jacket and always with a smirk on his face, Weather Wizard is most certainly one of Arrowverse’s best looking villains.

Mark’s got everything down from the charming smile to the adorable dimples that melt even the coldest of hearts. Not to mention the fact that he has incredibly cool powers. With the ability to literally call down the lightning, the dude’s practically The Flash’s version of Thor. It definitely wouldn’t hurt if the writers decided to bring him back for an episode or two.


Arrow Slade Wilson Deathstroke

Slade Wilson is not only Arrow’s best villain, he’s also one of its most attractive villains. The ruggedly handsome Manu Bennett caught our eye during his very first appearance and not even his turn to the dark side could make him entirely unappealing. His strong facial features, the incredible beard and impressive musculature make him look extremely manly.

While he most certainly wasn’t at his best while freaking out on Mirakuru, his recent transformation into a dedicated father made him even more attractive.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Deathstroke will be coming back to Arrow since Warner Brothers benched him once again. Apart from being ruggedly handsome both in and out of the Deathstroke costume, Slade was just an incredibly well-written character and we're sad to lose him.


Arrow Nyssa al Ghul

Nyssa al Ghul has never been a villain in the full meaning of the word. She’s made some questionable decisions yes, but nothing truly villainous. In a way, she’s often been guilty by association. It is her love for Sara that proved to be Nyssa's saving grace. Eventually, the supposed villain became a hero of sorts -- even if she had a few lapses in judgment. But whether you choose to see her as a villain, an anti-hero, or a hero, it is undeniable that Nyssa al Ghul looks utterly stunning.

This lethal assassin could very well kill you, or at least inflict serious heartache, with her looks alone. Granted her costume could have been at least a little bit less layered for purpose of functionality, but it by no means looked bad. However, Nyssa's most attractive quality by far is her undying love for Sara.


Supergirl Mrs. Mxyzptlk

This mysterious extra-dimensional being with an unpronounceable name came to Earth to propose to Supergirl. However, his crazy antics, obsessive behavior, over-the-top romantic gestures and downright psychotic tendencies did little to improve his chances with the Girl of Steel. But for what he lacks in personality, he more than makes up in appearance.

For better or for worse (definitely for better though), Supergirl’s version of Mister Mxyzptlk wasn’t an elderly imp.

Instead, the show decided to cast the incredibly handsome Peter Gadiot, whose good looks may not have helped him win Kara’s affection but they definitely won him the affection of the show’s fans. The wavy dark hair, dreamy chocolate eyes, and a charming smile make Mister Mxyzptlk nearly irresistible, despite his arrogance and inability to take no for an answer.


Legends of Tomorrow Kuasa

Let’s be real, with the Iris West Show that’s going on over on The Flash, the pointless Team Wars on Arrow, and Supergirl being on hiatus, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is currently the best Arrowverse show. The main cast is an absolute joy to watch, every episode is special in its own way, and the villains are every bit as entertaining and compelling as the heroes.

One of this season’s villains, Kuasa, is a newcomer to the Arrowverse - unless you count her appearance on the animated series Vixen -- and she is Amaya Jiwe’s granddaughter. Good looks apparently run in the family, since Kuasa is a stunning woman, much like her grandmother. And just like Amaya, Kuasa too is a force to be reckoned with. However, Kuasa crossed over to the dark side and is currently working for Mallus.


The Flash Hunter Zolomon Zoom

We may not have been entirely happy with The Flash’s season two villain resolution, however, that doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate the positive aspects of Zoom. For instance, his civilian alter-ego Hunter Zolomon, who just happens to be unfairly good-looking. And we’re hardly the only ones to notice, given that Dr. Snow was pretty hot for him too. Well, until he was revealed as Zoom and decided to kidnap her and use her as leverage against Flash.

However, it wasn’t just Hunter Zolomon’s appearance that we enjoyed.

Regardless of the fact that he was mind-numbingly terrifying, Zoom did indeed look pretty amazing. The all-black costume and that horrific face mask are in part what made Zoom such an awesome and scary villain.


Supergirl Music Meister

Music Meister is quite possibly the sweetest villain ever. And not just in the Arrowverse. This strange extra-dimensional being with unexplained supernatural powers had no intentions of taking over the world, killing the heroes or ruling the universe, Music Meister simply wanted to teach our heroes about love. Although, his teaching methods could use some refinement.

Music Meister is tall, dark and handsome -- the prime example of the age-old trope -- and charming beyond measure. Portrayed by the talented and attractive Darren Criss, Music Meister is most definitely one of Arrowverse’s best looking villains. Even if he was in fact evil, it would have been near impossible to resist his charisma. And if you find yourself missing Criss’s handsome face, you can catch him on American Crime Story, although this time he might just terrify you.


Supergirl Reign

It’s impossible not to notice that Supergirl has some of the most attractive villains in the Arrowverse. And this season’s big bad, Reign, is no exception. At first, we were introduced to the stunning Samantha Arias as the CFO of L-Corp. Then, it turned out there’s much more to this character as we learned that she’s in fact the nefarious wolrdkiller, aka Reign.

But, Sam is sweet, kind, a loving single-mother, a hard worker and a great friend -- all qualities that make her very likable.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely stunning. Sam fit into the group with ease and developed meaningful relationships with all the other women on the show. And if we’re being completely honest, we’re really hoping she can be saved from her alter-ego Reign. It would be great if Sam could stick around and become a permanent member of the cast.


Legends of Tomorrow Nora Darhk

Now here’s a woman who knows how to make bad look so good. Damien Darhk’s daughter Nora is all grown up and raising hell on Legends of Tomorrow all the while looking absolutely stunning. Of course, she’s not at her best when possessed by Mallus, unless you’re into that sort of thing. However, when she’s causing trouble for the Legends dressed in various period costumes, Nora Darhk looks nothing short of gorgeous.

And if a recent episode of Legends of Tomorrow is any indication, we’re not the only ones who noticed. The team cinnamon roll, Ray Palmer, seems to be suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome and all thanks to Nora Darhk. She's one of Arrowverse's most interesting and attractive villains and we can't wait to see how her story will unfold.


The Flash Killer Frost

For the time being, Caitlin Snow’s alter-ego, Killer Frost, seems to be under control and willing to work with Team Flash. However, as we all remember, she didn’t exactly start the race on the good side.

When Caitlin’s powers first awakened, following Flashpoint, Killer Frost was on her way to becoming a real villain, and a very attractive one at that.

Portrayed by the stunning Danielle Panabaker, both Dr. Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost are very interesting and well-liked characters. However, the stark difference between the two, aside from the whole good vs. evil deal, are their widely different looks. Killer Frost’s appearance is much more attention-grabbing, since she’s mostly seen in tight costumes and leather. Combined with her natural good-looks and her very special charm, Killer Frost is one of Flash’s best-looking foes.


The Flash Captain Cold Leonard Snart

Seems like Wentworth Miller won’t be coming back to the Arrowverse any time soon, which is unfortunate for a number of reasons. First of all, we loved him as Captain Cold, saving and destroying time all at once while romancing Sara Lance. Second of all, we loved him as his Earth-X doppelgänger, Citizen Cold, psychoanalyzing the Legends and happily in love with Ray. And lastly, we just love Wentworth Miller and really wish he stayed a bit longer.

Both Captain Cold and Citizen Cold were incredibly charming, witty and handsome. Leonard Snart always radiated with confidence, which is always attractive. His intelligence, ability to think on his feet, snark and that incredible voice combined with his good looks made Captain Cold one of Arrowverse’s most charming villains.

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