10 Supporting Arrowverse Heroes Who Should Have Their Own Show (And 10 That We Wish Would Go Away)

Since Arrow premiered on a fateful night in October 2012, the CW has cultivated an impressive line of interconnected shows, which is lovingly called the Arrowverse. Popular shows like The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning (technically) are all part of this constantly evolving project. Over the years, these shows have introduced many supporting characters who, in some cases, are even more beloved than the respective stars of their shows. On the other hand, some characters have rubbed fans the wrong way, either from the get-go or after questionable writing/storytelling. With the development of a “Batgirl” series, the Arrowverse seems poised to add another show to its ranks. The line of connected shows keeps growing so, in the near future, the CW might not be looking to expand yet again.

However, if/when the network considers giving another hero their own show, it has plenty of options available to them. Many of these supporting characters deserve their own spotlight. A number of these protagonists are fan-favorite heroes who have a surplus of storytelling potential. Beloved characters like Cisco Ramon and John Diggle could thrive on their own. That being said, there are just as many characters, like Felicity Smoak, who fans would rather see written off permanently. A number of these heroes have been mishandled and they would be better off in creative purgatory. CBR has decided to list some of the Arrowverse characters who deserve their own show and some characters who fans would rather never see again.


Legends of Tomorrow Mick Rory Leonard Snart

Mick Rory and Leonard Snart used to be two of the best characters in the Arrowverse. Rory, also known as Heat Wave, and Snart, alternatively called Captain Cold, always have an entertaining dynamic when they’re together. Before debuting on The Flash, the actors that bring the two antiheroes to life (Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller, respectively) had co-starred in Prison Break,  and their subsequent chemistry helped make Rory and Snart two fan-favorite characters.

Snart went out like a hero before an alternate version of the character showed up in Crisis on Earth-X and Rory remains a supporting character on Legends of Tomorrow. Many fans want to see more of the dynamic between these two, so Snart and Rory are certainly deserving of their own show.


Caity Lotz as Sara Lance on Legends of Tomorrow

Sara Lance has been one of the Arrowverse’s leading characters for several years now. She’s a staple of Legends of Tomorrow and she serves as the team’s leader. There’s no inherent need to remove Lance from the team; she fills her role admirably. But, as with other characters, the longer Lance remains in the spotlight, the more stale she could become.

Lance has experienced an emotional saga, filled with loss and resurrection in the Arrowverse. It feels like there’s nothing else for Lance to do beyond passing the torch to a new team leader. To satisfy the fans, she could get a happy ending with Ava Sharpe.


mon el supergirl comics accurate costume

Mon-El may not be the first name that comes to mind, after all, he wasn’t all that impressive as Kara Danvers’ love interest when he initially got the spotlight in Supergirl. But, after the character travelled to the 31st century, he became a legitimate hero that holds a significant amount of storytelling potential.

When Mon-El returned, he was a leading member of the Legion [of Superheroes]. For this reason alone, Mon-El deserves his own show. He’s proven himself to be a capable leader and, because the Legion is one of DC’s most underrated teams, it should get the chance to gain some exposure on the small screen. Countless characters have served as Legionnaires, including Superboy and Lightning Lad, among others.


The story of Mari, or Vixen, like other characters in the Arrowverse, seems like one that has run its course. Mari is the granddaughter of Amaya Jiwe, her predecessor as Vixen. While Amaya has been a fixture on Legends of Tomorrow, Mari has never really found her place in the series, let alone the greater Arrowverse.

Vixen had two seasons of her own web series, and bringing the character back to the live-action show(s) could be risky because most casual Arrowverse fans only watch the main series. The writers might be better off leaving Vixen alone as she’s already been sent off like a hero (she and Kuasa now share protection of the Anansi Totem.)


Keiynan Lonsdale's Kid Flash

Many fans may prefer for Kid Flash to be permanently written out of the Arrowverse. The character has practically been mishandled at every turn. Wally West was stuck in Barry Allen’s shadow on The Flash and he didn’t get a real chance to shine in his brief time with The Legends of Tomorrow. It seems like West is being phased out of the Arrowverse and it’s a shame, since Kid Flash is one of DC’s most popular teenage heroes; he’s consistently one of the leading members of the Teen Titans.

Maybe it’s too late to save this version of West, but with more time-travel tomfoolery, the Arrowverse could try again with the original version of Wally West. Regardless, West deserves another chance to win over the fans.


Legends of Tomorrow Nate Heywood

Nate Heywood is here due to the process of elimination. Heywood is a fine supporting character on the Legends of Tomorrow, but that’s just it; he’s fine. The show, on its fourth season, hasn’t done much to build Heywood into a notable character. While he and Vixen have an on-again, off-again relationship, beyond this irregular romance, Heywood doesn’t stand out on the ensemble show.

Sure, Steel is quite powerful (he’s like a smaller version of Marvel’s Colossus), but he still hasn’t mastered these powers, so he doesn’t quite deserve the regular role he holds on the show. It’s time to give other heroes a chance to become Legends.


Legends of Tomorrow John Constantine

This entry could be considered questionable, especially when it’s compared to the other entries here. After all, John Constantine already got his own show; it aired for one season from 2014-2015 (Constantine), but it holds a place similar to that of The Incredible Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The star, John Constantine, is now a regular part of the Arrowverse; he’s on the Legends of Tomorrow, but most of the show is ignored and not considered canonical.

However, with the character receiving this second chance, the time might be ripe for giving him his own show again. The Arrowverse has only scratched the surface of the magical/mystical side of DC and Constantine could certainly address this shortcoming.


Supergirl Winn Schott

When Winn Schott was still getting his fair share of the spotlight on Supergirl, he could have been considered the best part of the show; he was the Cisco Ramon to Kara Danvers’ Barry Allen. Schott was funny, brilliant, and he organically helped further the plot on a regular basis. Schott took a back seat right around the time Brainiac hit the scene and the latter has essentially taken Schott’s role in the show.

There’s no need for the both of them so, unfortunately, it feels like Schott’s story has reached its end. He’s already been written off and, given Brainiac’s presence, Schott likely won’t be coming back.


The Flash Cisco Ramon Vibe

By now, it’s safe to say that for the show’s whole run, Cisco Ramon has consistently been one of the best parts of The Flash. On the surface, Ramon is a jokester, he always has quips and witty one-liners in his back pocket and he’s often featured in funny moments. This comedy has helped Cisco stand out, but there’s much more to him.

Ramon is a character filled with emotional depth: he lost his brother and it took him a while to forgive Barry Allen. Thanks to his relationship with Gypsy, Ramon has loved and lost, and recently, he has shifted his focus to the development of a cure for metahuman powers. This storyline alone could be a compelling addition to the Arrowverse.


Arrow Felicity Smoak

Felicity Smoak used to be one of the best characters in Arrow, but now, she’s one of the worst. Smoak has devolved from being Overwatch, a critical member of Team Arrow, to Oliver Queen’s excessively dramatic wife. Queen’s time in prison was an opportunity to reboot Smoak’s character, but the show did that and then some. By driving Smoak and Queen apart, Arrow has turned the former into a new, different character; however, for reasons that often seem illogical, that change has threatened her marriage with Queen.

Worst of all, it feels like every time Smoak gets screen time, she’s crying gratuitously. Whether the writing or the acting is at fault, Smoak has to go while her character still has some dignity.


J’onn J’onzz could fall on either section of this list. On one hand, it feels like he’s run his course in Supergirl. As the father figure to both the titular character and her sister, Alex Danvers, J’onzz has provided the audience with plenty of heartwarming moments. But, now that J’onzz doesn’t run the Department of Extranormal Operations (the D.E.O.) anymore, the man formerly known as the Martian Manhunter could get lost in the shuffle among the show’s other storylines.

As a result, maybe it’s time to shake things up. Rather than writing J’onzz off entirely, he could have his own show, which could be about J’onzz’s new job as a private investigator.


Roy Harper has had an interesting path throughout his time in Arrow. He’s been a sidekick and a member of Team Arrow, he’s served as a vigilante, and he’s also been wanted by the police. Now, he’s in the middle of the show’s latest subplot (a series of flash-forwards to a dystopian future). As soon as this storyline is wrapped up, the writers should let Harper ride into the sunset once and for all.

Harper already got his heroic goodbye when he left Star City to be with Thea Queen while they began a mission to destroy the Lazarus Pits. Now, Harper doesn’t have a place on the show anymore.


Supergirl and Superman

Superman getting his own Arrowverse show is probably a pipe dream. Supergirl is clearly the Kryptonian star of the interconnected series, which relegates the Man Of Steel to the role of an occasional guest star. DC may fear that featuring Superman too often could overshadow Kara Danvers, which was likely likely a factor in Clark Kent’s recent on-screen decision to leave Earth in order to safely start a family with Lois Lane.

Still, many fans would likely love to see the Last Son of Krypton on his own show. Imagine seeing Kent square off with Lex Luthor, Brainiac, or Bizarro. Think of Superman fighting side by side with any number of the Superboys DC could use. Maybe someday….


Katie Cassidy's Black Siren

At one point, Laurel Lance could have been considered one of the best parts of Arrow. Some fans won’t agree, but her evolution into a superhero was compelling and she had a captivating romance with the star, Oliver Queen. When Damien Darhk took out Lance, it was a tough pill to swallow.

Since then, Laurel’s Earth-2 doppelgänger has become a regular fixture of the show. Frankly, every time she’s on the screen, she arguably weakens her predecessor’s legacy. Fans can’t change the past so that Laurel 2.0 never joined the show, but they can hope that this other Laurel will be written off sooner rather than later.


Arrow John Diggle

John Diggle has been one of the best parts of Arrow, even in its bad seasons. Diggle has experienced a wild journey throughout the show. He’s been a bodyguard, the Green Arrow himself, and an A.R.G.U.S. agent, and let’s not forget about his run as Spartan, either. Diggle has found some success in each of these roles and he’s also a family man with a wife (Lyla Michaels) and a son.

Sometimes, Diggle doesn’t get enough attention in Arrow and many fans want to see more stories featuring the A.R.G.U.S. agent. Plus, if DC ever does roll with the “Diggle is a Green Lantern theory,” that could make for some great TV.


Arrow Rene Ramirez

Unfortunately, Rene Ramirez, or Wild Dog, has become a fairly static character. He used to be on Team Arrow and, at one point, he was an assistant to the deputy major, Quentin Lance (he also helped Oliver Queen when he was in office), but now that Lance is gone and Queen isn’t in power, Ramirez finds himself without a strong role in Arrow.

Ramirez is still the loving father (to Zoe) fans used to love, but it feels like most of Rene’s stories are cyclical. He’ll do anything to protect his daughter and he’ll continue to clash with any authority figure who threatens vigilantes in Star City. It’s time for Rene to go.


The Flash Caitlin Snow

To clarify, either Cisco Ramon or Caitlin Snow should get their own show. The Flash can’t afford to lose both. Still, when it comes to characters who deserve their own show, Snow deserves consideration. Snow is often depicted as the smartest person on Team Flash (depending on which version of Harry Wells is currently in the group), and like Ramon, Snow has her own wealth of backstory that could form the basis of her own show.

Snow continues to struggle to find a balance with her alter ego, Killer Frost. The former villain also has complicated relationships with her parents, which could be further explored down the road.


Supergirl James Olsen

James Olsen is practically the Kid Flash of Supergirl. DC fans know he’s important in the comics, but the show fails to do him justice. Olsen is often shoved to the background and, though he occasionally becomes a central figure, he tends to serve as Kara Danvers’ boss/friend and Lena Luthor’s love interest. Occasionally, he also fights as Guardian.

By now, one could argue that the show doesn’t know what to do with him. If that’s the case, Olsen might be better off in purgatory after the show finds a way for him to gracefully exit. There’s still some hope for the character, but for now, the future looks grim for Superman’s pal.


There may be characters more deserving of the individual spotlight than Ray Palmer, but he’s been a supporting character in the Arrowverse for several years. He’s been a prominent character in Arrow and he’s served as a member of the Legends of Tomorrow since the beginning of the show. Palmer may not be a breakout star, but he might hold the most potential.

The Atom has been a part of DC Comics since his debut in 1961. He’s fought alongside the Justice League and the Arrowverse could explore his relationships with various heroes, such as Hawkman (who should return to the small screen someday.)


Arrow Nyssa al Ghul

It seems that Nyssa al Ghul’s story in the Arrowverse is complete. There’s just no more to tell. At least, there shouldn’t be. Nyssa has been a recurring guest star since the second season of Arrow. Throughout the years, Nyssa has been an important part of an extensive story featuring the League of Shadows and, more recently, the Thanatos Guild.

Now, there’s nowhere else to go with the character. Arrow has already tackled Ra’s al Ghul and the show has given a fair share of the spotlight to Nyssa. Though she keeps coming back, it’s time to move on and give other characters a chance.


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