Welcome To Earth-X: Arrowverse Heroes Re-Imagined As Villains By The Fans

Season five of The Flash just kicked off, but it failed to impress. Luckily, the dazed and confused Ralph Dibny and the dazed and hangover Cisco Ramon managed to save the day once more. Having just discovered the possibility of alternative timelines and universes, Ralph excitedly announced the big news to Team Flash, dubbing his discovery "the manyverse". One of the Earths Ralph mentioned was a universe in which all of them were bad guys. Obviously, he hasn't met the lovely folks from Earth-X. In fact, the Arrowverse likes to play with this trope quite often. It is not at all uncommon for an evil version of any character to appear at any given moment. There are different ways writers can do this -- alternative universes, time travelers from the future, time remnants, brainwashing and so on.

With all these evil doppelgangers popping up left and right you'd think we'd be sick and tired of seeing evil versions of our favorite heroes. Yet, we can't seem to get enough of it. It's just interesting to see what that same person with the same powers would do if they had just one bad day too many. And judging by all the fan-made evil versions of Arrowverse heroes the fans really want to see the good guys being bad. Not surprisingly, Mr. Barry Allen appears to be the most popular character to receive the supervillain re-design treatment, though Kara Danvers doesn't fall behind either. We did some digging and found twenty incredible pieces of fan art depicting our beloved Arrowverse heroes as villains.

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In season two of Legends of Tomorrow, Dr. Stein and Jax accidentally discovered a message recorded by Barry Allen from the future. Hailing from forty years in the future, the voice recording was intended to warn Captain Rip Hunter of an upcoming war. The incredibly talented artist Boss Logic decided to put a face to the voice and give us a sense of what the Future Flash might look like.

The suit is very similar to the ones Barry’s been wearing in the past four years, but his lighting has turned blue, giving off a familiar and sinister Savitar vibe.


Boss Logic_Thea Cheshire

Oliver's little sister, Thea Queen, is an Arrow original character and as such does not have a direct counterpart in the comics. However, she does draw some inspiration from Mia Dearden. Boss Logic decided to re-imagine Thea Queen as a different DC Comics character -- the villain Cheshire.

Jade Nguyen, also known as Cheshire, is one of the world’s most ruthless mercenaries and a long-standing rival of the Teen Titans. That scary mask Thea is wearing was inspired by Cheshire's look in the Young Justice animated series. Believe it or not, this is the less scary version of the mask.


Boss Logic_The Flash Thinker

The Flash’s season four main villain was unlike any other bad guy Barry has faced in the past. For starters, unlike previous big bads, Clifford DeVoe was no speedster. Well, not in the same way as Barry and Thawne anyway. He couldn’t run at the speed of light, but he could think faster than anyone. DeVoe had a thinking cap and -- well, he was dubbed the Thinker.

Boss Logic, in this amazing piece of fan art, depicts Barry Allen under DeVoe’s control, striking an all-too-familiar pose. The cords attached to Barry's nape really creep us out.



Last year’s Arrowverse crossover, "Crisis on Earth-X", set a high standard that this year’s biggest Arrowverse event will somehow have to top. Surely, Batwoman’s debut will help with that. But, what else can we expect from Elseworlds?

We may not have the answer, but we do have some awesome fan art. Artist ajabelgas re-designed the Arrowverse heroes in the style of Injustice 2. Tyler Hoechlin is sporting the villainous Superman armor and his cousin appears to be wearing something similar. Everyone got an interesting upgrade, which kind of makes us wish these costumes would actually appear on the screen.


Boss Logic_Future Flash 1

In the comics, the Barry Allen from 20 years in the future, traveled back in time, killing all of his enemies in the process, until finally arriving in the present time. Once there, he went after the Barry Allen form the present, wanting to use him to seal a rupture in the Speed Force, which he accomplished.

This design by Boss Logic is inspired by the Future Flash, though the blue markings on the suit are also kind of reminiscent of Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender as one of the Instagram commenters pointed out.


Salaman_Arrow Riddler

In 2016, Stephen Amell was asked which DC Comics character he would like to play on the big screen and his answer might surprise you. Here’s what he said: “I think all the superheroes are taken now. I’ll play The Riddler, okay? It’s a villain, but I like The Riddler.” So, if Amell ever gets his wish, guess we’ll have ourselves a buffed Riddler.

Artist Salman A. Al Mohammadi found the idea of Amell as Riddler so amusing that he had to see what that would look like. While it is certainly an unusual take on the character, Amell doesn’t look bad.


Boss Logic_Wally West Alchemy

Back in season three of The Flash, Alchemy was giving away superpowers like Oprah gives away cars. Those who had powers in the Flashpoint timeline would suddenly have their powers reawakened and it was all thanks to Alchemy. Since Wally was a speedster in the Flashpoint timeline some assumed that his desire to be a speedster in this timeline would drive him to go to Alchemy and become a dark speedster -- at least briefly.

Boss Logic even designed a costume for this version of Kid-Flash, which looks appropriately dark and scary. The pointy ear wings are a dead giveaway we're dealing with a villain.


Salaman_Ralph The Mask

As of season four, Hartley Sawyer is playing Ralph Dibny, aka Elongated Man, on The Flash and Salman A. Al Mohammadi noticed that he’d make an excellent Mask. Seeing this amazing edit, we have no other option but to agree with Salman.

It’s nearly impossible to imagine anyone other than the hilarious Jim Carrey portraying the Mask, however, if we had to re-cast the role for a reboot we’d go with Sawyer. Of course, Sawyer would have some pretty big shoes to fill, but he’s been making funny faces on The Flash and it turns out he’s pretty good at it.



Both Superman and his evil doppelganger from Earth-X were absent from the Crisis on Earth-X crossover. But, in case you were wondering what the Last Son of Krypton would look like on the darkest Earth here’s an interesting fan-made concept.

Created by TrickArrowDesigns, the Earth-X Clark Kent, better known as Overman, is sporting a costume similar to the one Overgirl was seen in during "Crisis on Earth-X". The black cape version is a bit too dark and boring, but the red cape one is perfect. The beard is also a nice touch, it really sets this Clark apart from the clean-shaven Superman we’re used to.


Jessica Perez_Lena Luthor War Suit

Every time Lena Luthor does something even remotely suspicious on Supergirl we immediately assume it is a sign of her crossing over to the dark side. After all, she is a Luthor, she’s a villain in the comics and everyone expects her to become one on the show as well. So far, however, Lena remains one of the heroes, despite occasional questionable decisions.

That being said, Lex’s Warsuit has appeared on the show, which leads many to think that one day Lena herself will put on the suit. This is how Jessica Perez envisions Lena Luthor in her most villainous attire.


Aj Designs Blitzen Flash

During the 2017 Arrowverse crossover event we got to meet the Earth-X doppelgangers of our heroes. Overgirl, Dark Arrow, and, to everyone's surprise, the Reverse-Flash led the Earth-X troops during the attack on Earth-One, while the Earth-X Flash was nowhere to be found.

If you’re like us and you’ve been wondering what the Earth-X evil version of the Flash might look like, then you’re in luck. Aj Designs presents Blitzen, a very sinister-looking Barry Allen in the obligatory Earth-X attire. It's a shame we didn't get to see something similar on the screen, but the writers probably figured we'd already had enough evil version of Barry.


Boss Logic_Wally West Reverse-Flash

Wally West is such a sweetheart that it’s hard to even imagine him as a villain. However, this design by Boss Logic gives off a very sinister vibe. The black and red suit is slightly reminiscent of Wally’s silver and red suit from the comics. But, Boss Logic’s version looks evil, especially with those piercing red eyes.

He kind of reminds us of Reverse-Flash and even Zoom. If the writers on The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow ever want to introduce an evil Wally from the future, or another Earth, or whatever this is the look they should go with.


Boss Logic_Overgirl

Crisis on Earth-X introduced us to the evil version of Supergirl, or as she likes to be called: Overgirl. This Kara had none of the adorableness, quirkiness and goodness the Kara we know and love has in abundance. The stern, no-nonsense SS General was bad through and through. The Earth-X Kara sported an all-black costume with a bit of red thrown in for good measure.

In Boss Logic’s version of the Overgirl suit, we see a somewhat different mask and a way cooler costume overall. We're especially fond of the chest emblem. Replacing the SS symbol with a single lightning-shaped S was the right call.


Jedi-Art-Trick_Red Supergirl

Ok, we admit it -- we can’t get enough of evil Supergirl. We’ve already seen some villainous versions of Kara Danvers on the show, but we’re always open to more storylines that feature a not quite so righteous Girl of Steel. For example, Red Lantern Supergirl. The Red Power Ring replaced Supergirl’s heart and infected her blood with rage, resulting in an immensely powerful and angry Kryptonian.

Artist Tony Warne re-designed the official comic book costume of Red Lantern Supergirl and we think it would look great on Melissa Benoist. In fact, his drawing even kind of looks like the Supergirl actress.


Ilvir Safin_Eddie Thawne Blue Cobalt

In the comics, Barry Allen has an estranged twin brother named Malcolm Thawne. Yes, that Thawne. Malcolm was given to the Thawnes by the doctor who delivered Allen and Thawne babies, as a replacement for their son who died due to the doctor's negligence. Malcolm grew up to become the villain Cobalt Blue.

Some have theorized that Eddie Thawne would become Cobalt Blue on The Flash. There are probably some fans who still think this might happen one day, and theoretically, it could. Maybe not the twin part, but a version of Eddie could pop up as Cobalt Blue and artist Ilvir Safin has an excellent idea for his costume.


Boss Logic_Game of Thrones Oliver

The infamous Iron Throne from the critically acclaimed Game of Thrones has been known to make good men do very bad things. Oliver Queen already has a dark side, so it's scary to even begin to imagine how the Iron Throne would affect him.

In this piece by Boss Logic, Oliver is shown sitting comfortably on his throne of arrows, his face in shadow, arrows at his feet suggesting that he’s had to fight like hell for his new fancy chair. Somehow, we feel like he's waiting for someone and as soon as they appear he'll put an arrow through their heart.


Boss Logic_Frost Flash

If you’re familiar with Rise of the Guardians you have undoubtedly recognized Barry Allen’s new icy look. Inspired by Jack Frost, this villainous version of Barry reminds us of The Flash’s own Caitlin Snow, aka Killer Frost. And something tells us, somewhere Snowbarry shippers are smiling.

Flash Frost, as designed by Boss Logic, is sporting the obligatory white hair -- a must for any respectable comic book character with cold-related powers. He’s also got Killer Frost’s pale skin, blue lips, and blue eyes. This villainous version of Barry is brandishing a staff, identical to the one used by Jack Frost.

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