Arrowverse Shows Are Sitting Out the Rest of February

While most of The CW's DC dramas returned just last month from a winter hiatus, they're taking another scheduled break that will continue through the remainder of February. That means fans hope for new episodes of Arrow, The Flash and Black Lightning this week are in for disappointment.

The Arrowverse series that got the shortest shrift, Supergirl, has aired only three episodes since returning on Jan. 20. Fortunately, it's the first of the shows scheduled to return, with the 12th episode of Season 4 set to air on Sunday, March 3. Titled "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice & American Way," after the DC comic story by Joe Kelly and Doug Mankhe of the same name, the episode will feature the culmination of the Manchester Black storyline.

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The following night, Monday, March 4, will see the return of Arrow with Season 7's 13th episode, "Brothers & Sisters." The themes of siblings and familial legacy have heavily informed this season, with the introduction of Oliver Queen's half-sister Emiko, and a bombshell revelation during a flash-forward segment featuring an adult William Queen and a new figure that enters his life.

Arrow Mia William

Tuesday, March 5, marks the return of The Flash and Black Lightning. As long teased by showrunner Todd Helbing, the next episode of The Flash will showcase an eagerly anticipated showdown between Gorilla Grodd and King Shark, with the two villains squaring off in the streets and waters of Central City, momentarily pushing the season's ongoing struggle against Cicada into the background.

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Immediately following the return of The Flash, Black Lightning resumes its Season 2 finale, "The Book of Secrets: Chapter Four - Original Sin." Major deaths have rocked the series' main cast to its core, and this arc promises a confrontation between the titular superhero and his family against super-powered crime lord Tobias Whale, with the fate of Freeland hanging in the balance.

Unchanged by the brief, late-February break is the return of DC's egends of Tomorrow for the second half of its fourth season. Coming out of its midseason break last month, Black Lightning had taken Legends of Tomorrow's old time slot, with the ensemble series' return pushed back to Monday, April 1. True to form, the latest episode had seen the heroes try, and fail repeatedly, to restore a timeline distorted by their constant tampering. The season's upcoming ninth episode, titled "Lucha de Apuestas," hints at a lucha libre-inspired fracas, with the Legends continuing their attempts to fix reality, hopefully with gaudy costumes and masks.

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Although those superhero dramas will briefly sit on the sidelines, the schedule of The CW's other comic book adaptation, Riverdale, remains unchanged.

While frustrating for fans just settling back into watching their favorite DC series, the break is only a two-week hiccup.

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