15 Arrowverse Fan Theories That Still Could Come True

Back in 2012, the CW rolled out the pilot for a gritty new superhero series based on the Green Arrow comics and opened the floodgates for other television shows revolving around superheroes. In season two, Arrow introduced Barry Allen, a CSI from Central City, who got his own show -- The Flash. Over the years, the Arrowverse kept growing and we're currently at five showsAnd while these shows do have their flaws, they have high entertainment value. The Arrowverse features interesting plotlines, a lot of action scenes and funny moments, as well as just the right amount of comic book references, easter eggs and cameos to keep the fans coming back every week.

The fans became engrossed in the stories and pretty soon started developing theories on what the future might hold for the Arrowverse. Some of these theories rely on comic book storylines. Some have either panned out by now or they have been disproved. However, there are still some that could be realized. We're not saying that all or any of these theories will come true, and quite frankly some of them are pretty unbelievable. Yet, they are still possible. So, here are the 15 Arrowverse theories that could come true.


Ok, this one is a little bit out there, but bear with us. As we all know, FOX’s series about a young Bruce Wayne, Gotham, is not part of the Arrowverse. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from theorizing on how Gotham could be or could become part of the Arrowverse. Here’s a theory that is highly unlikely, but technically could still happen.

Draxon123 started a Reddit thread explaining why they believe Gotham is actually a prequel to the Arrowverse, or rather Supergirl. Apparently after binge watching all the Arrowverse shows, this person came up with this crazy theory because Kara stated that her cousin used to work with a vigilante, implying that Clark knew Bruce. Therefore, this person posits that a young Tyler Hoechlin Superman could appear on Gotham, making the series sort of a prequel to Supergirl.


Kara is not the only one who had her heart broken this season when Mon-El unexpectedly showed up with his new wife Imra. But Karamel shippers won’t let their ship sink due to a minor inconvenience. A popular theory started by psyche_is_a_science on Reddit is that Mon-El isn’t really married.

The fans find it impossible to believe that Mon-El would marry anyone other than Kara, so his marriage to Imra must be fake news.

Karamel shippers seem to think Imra only manipulated Mon-El into thinking they were married. And while it may sound a bit over-the-top, bear in mind that Imra has immense psychic and telepathic powers. Plus, the actress Amy Jackson, who plays Imra, made some comments on social media implying that there’s more than meets the eye to Mon-El and Imra's relationship.


The epic DC Comics crossover event was teased in the very first episode of The Flash. At the end of the pilot episode we see Dr. Harrison Wells go into his secret vault and load up a newspaper article from the future, precisely the year 2024. The article reads "Flash Missing Vanishes in Crisis" alluding to the iconic comic book storyline.

Chekhov’s Gun states that if you’re going to place a loaded gun on the stage, you’d better plan on using it, otherwise it shouldn’t be there. So, this article better pan out at some point because the fans are expecting the writers to make good on the promise they made this early in the game. A popular theory posted on Reddit by james_notdeen is that once the Crisis happens, the Arrowverse will be rebooted with lasting and major implications.


In season two, Arrow introduced the Suicide Squad only to scrap the idea once the DCEU decided to make a Suicide Squad movie and "politely" asked the CW to abandon all and any plans they had for Suicide Squad. And after the Task Force X was disbanded and Amanda Waller killed, fans turned to another group of villains as a suitable substitute.

The Secret Six are a group of supervillains, similar to Suicide Squad but without Amanda Waller’s iron hand. With the Suicide Squad out of the picture, a theory was developed that Arrowverse will introduce the Secret Six to take their place. So far, there hasn’t been much to corroborate this theory, but we remain hopeful that the creators are listening and we get to see the Secret Six soon.


There have been tons of references to the Dark Knight in the Arrowverse. And while cameos, references and easter eggs are very common in the Arrowverse and don’t necessarily need to amount to anything meaningful, the fans have taken these Batman references way to seriously.

The theory that the Caped Crusader might be heading to Arrow has picked up steam lately, despite being rebutted by the showrunners.

Reddit user atomic00abomb theorized that in order to keep the show fresh, the creators will have to introduce Batman. The theory is based on the plethora of references to Batman and possible tie-ins. Furthermore, they refer to Superman’s appearance on Supergirl, which gave the show a much needed bump in ratings and Arrow could definitely use some of that. Basically, the ground work is already set, and logically it would make sense, so technically it could still happen.


Way before John Diggle became Spartan there were a lot of theories on which superhero identity this character may take. The two most popular ones were that Diggle will become either the Green Lantern or Guardian. While the Guardian theory is as good as dead, the Green Lantern one lives on.

Basically, this theory developed because Diggle is a black dude named John and fans were idiotically quick to jump to the conclusion that he will become Green Lantern. As for the last name Stewart, a Reddit user under the name of KryptKeeper suggested that Stewart could be Diggle’s middle name. Although, this still doesn’t explain how Diggle, who is now Spartan, suddenly becomes Green Lantern, if Arrow has taught us anything, it's that you can always become something else.


The Arrowverse is still going strong and theorizing about a possible spin-off doesn’t sound like a completely crazy idea. Over the years, fans have fantasized and theorized about all kinds of possible Arrowverse spin-offs, including Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, Justice Society of America as well as Red Hood and the Outlaws.

When Roy Harper left Arrow back in season three, a theory formed stating that Colton Haynes may have a chance at a spin-off series based on Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Of course, nothing has happened in this department and Roy is temporarily heading back to Arrow. Nevertheless, this theory still remains a possible course of action for two reasons: A) Roy is not coming back to Arrow for good and B) Roy is a very popular character and a spin-off series with him in the leading role would probably work very well.


The Crisis on Earth-X crossover was a brilliantly executed story that brought together a plethora of heroes and villains. But the big question that is still on everyone’s mind is: who the hell was the waitress who had that weird interaction with Barry just before the wedding?

The waitress appears out of nowhere and offers Barry some water, making awkward small talk about getting married. She then says: "I’m very excited to be here … I mean - at the wedding!" Barry asks her if they met before but she assures him that she’s a total stranger and grabs his arm to wish him good luck before disappearing. This interaction immediately raised a red flag. The conversation was a textbook "time traveler meeting their parent" moment, prompting many fans to theorize that the waitress is actually Barry and Iris’s daughter Dawn from the future.


Ever since the very first episode, Arrow relied heavily on flashbacks, for better or for worse. The flashbacks were a useful mechanism to tell the story of how Oliver survived his five years in hell and what made him who he is. However, since Oliver was M.I.A. for five years it makes sense that these flashbacks stop after season five.

For quite some time, the fans have been wondering what will happen to the show’s format once the flashbacks run out. A popular theory are flash-forwards.

This mechanism was used already and worked out pretty well. The incomplete and out-of-context flashes of the future could increase suspense and help the show to remain fresh and interesting, something Arrow could most certainly use. For now, flash-forwards are still not common practice on the show, but it’s always an option.


The theory that Felicity will become Oracle started a long time ago, even before the character was paralyzed in season four. With Felicity’s paralysis the Oracle theory gained much popularity but was soon disproved once Oliver dubbed Felicity Overwatch, stating that Oracle has been taken. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that Felicity has absolutely no chance at all to become Oracle at some point.

As we all know, superhero names are passed on from character to character, which means that Felicity could still become Oracle once the current Oracle (presumably Barbara Gordon) dies. But what about Felicity's paralysis, you may ask. Well, she’s never been cured in the true meaning of the word, so she could still end up paralyzed if the chip she’s using somehow loses functionality. And given that Arrow writers are prone to misguided plotlines, anything is possible.


Introducing the Birds of Prey into the Arrowverse is such a straightforward and logical idea that we’re kind of surprised it hasn’t happened yet. And it doesn’t even have to be a spin-off series, two of the required characters are already on Arrow so they could operate on that show. Although, the idea of a spin-off does sound very appealing and could be very entertaining.

For years, there have been theories on how this amazing group of crime fighters could make their debut in the Arrowverse.

Simply put, the Arrowverse needs to bring the Huntress back and introduce Oracle or Batgirl and they’re set to go. Alternatively, Felicity replaces Oracle and the three characters that are already part of the Arrowverse form the infamous Birds of Prey.


Given that both Gotham and the Arrowverse shows are based on DC Comics, the fans started fantasizing about a possible crossover between these two universes. Thus far, Gotham has been operating in its own separate universe, without any connection to the Arrowverse. However, fans still make up theories on how the Gotham/Arrowverse crossover could take place.

Jus10sch posted a theory on Reddit, explaining that he believes that Flash will make a cameo on Gotham because for a very brief moment a red and yellow lightning appears at the end of Gotham season four promo. While it may sound ridiculous to come to this conclusion on the basis of what can best be described as pure conjecture, we used to think CBS's Supergirl was out of reach, yet Barry crossed over. So, who’s to say Barry can’t visit Gotham.


Out of all the crazy theories for the current fourth season of The Flash this in probably the least likely one. As we know, the fourth season is adapting very famous comic book storyline known as "The Trial of The Flash".

In the original storyline, Barry travels to the future where the two marry and have children.

The fans are suggesting that maybe the show will take a similar path as the story in the comics, because given the circumstances it wouldn't be unreasonable for the couple to retreat to the future. And, if it turns out that the waitress at the wedding was in fact Dawn Allen, it would support this theory since Barry and Iris had the Tornado Twins -- Dawn and Don -- in the future.


Immediately after Dinah Drake was introduced as Arrow’s new Black Canary, fans started theorizing on how she could be related to Laurel Lance. In the comics, Dinah Drake Lance is the first Black Canary and the mother of Dinah Laurel Lance. Therefore, comic book fans are expecting some kind of an explanation as to how these two characters are connected/related.

Reddit user Eobard95 theorized that Dinah Drake will somehow get displaced in the past where she will have a daughter, also named Dinah. This daughter will then meet Quentin Lance and they will have two daughters, Sara and Laurel. Basically, a John Connor paradox that could make Dinah the first Black Canary and and even have her being part of the Justice Society of America. A bit convoluted, but not without its merits.


The biggest surprise of Crisis on Earth-X must have been the appearance of the original Reverse-Flash, who apparently is still alive somehow, and wears the face of Harrison Wells. Barry had an epic showdown with his mortal enemy and after Barry decides to let him live and tells him to get lost, the Reverse-Flash says something that caught everyone’s attention.

As he starts to walk away, the Reverse-Flash says to Barry "I wonder what face I’ll be wearing next time we meet, Flash."

Since it’s been established in the comics as well as on the show that the Reverse-Flash can alter his appearance, the YouTuber TheDCTVshow theorized that the Reverse-Flash will come back as Barry Allen. Considering recent developments, this theory doesn’t sound all that crazy. It would certainly be a very interesting plotline and we would get that "big reveal" all of the previous Flash seasons had.

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