Arr-Whoa: 15 Deviant Pieces Of Arrowverse Fan Art

The Arrowverse has been an unprecedented success for DC. After Marvel managed to launch a cinematic universe on a large scale, DC and the CW worked together to launch Arrow, which would spawn other projects that would all intertwine and form the Arrowverse, something Marvel didn't do until Daredevil. For the most part, many people are enamored with this interpretation as DC's finest, whether they like the grim tales of Oliver Queen trying to redeem Star City or prefer the light-hearted adventures of Barry Allen speeding through Central City. Something is there for everyone with the Arrowverse, but that doesn't mean that the writers have it all figured out.

Part of having a big superhero project is that you need to keep creating good costumes. Unfortunately for the Arrowverse (and the CW's budget), the costumes are hit or miss. Some look really good, and others look like they were little more than an afterthought. Thankfully, there are plenty of people in the world who are passionate enough about these characters that they've taken matters into their own hands and created some impressive designs for Green Arrow, Flash, and the rest of the cast. Here are 15 pieces of deviant Arrowverse fan art that put the TV shows to shame.


In the Arrow show, fans knew it was only a matter of time before we got our first taste of Roy Harper, otherwise known as Speedy, Arsenal, and Red Arrow in the comics. Being the sidekick for the Emerald Archer, it would have been detrimental for the writers not to incorporate him in some way. Thankfully, we eventually got Roy in all of his suited up glory, but it wasn't long before he was written out of the show.

Now that he's been away for quite some time, Bosslogic felt that this was the perfect chance to bring back Roy but make him look older yet more classic. This design takes inspiration from the comics while giving Roy a spot of facial hair that looks a lot like Oliver Queen's comic version.


The Firestorm mantle seems to be cursed in the Arrowverse. After Ronnie Raymond died at the end of The Flash season one, it was up to Jefferson Jackson to fill his spot and work with Professor Martin Stein. On top of the new team up was a new costume with a color scheme that was directly ripped out of the New 52.

That said, some people still felt like there was something missing with Jax's design, and DigitalCrow knew exactly what it was. Some were begging for him to have the classic Firestorm helmet with the fire shooting off of his skull. That would certainly bring a more imposing look to the nuclear superhero, but it was probably easier for the CW just to give him a jumpsuit and be done with it.


Killer Frost is a character that hasn't been treated well on The Flash. After using Flashpoint as a way to bring her into the main continuity (as opposed to just Earth-2), the writers have not known what to do with her character since then. Furthermore, her costume is a little weak and could stand some improvements.

While the classic Killer Frost look wouldn't exactly work for Caitlin Snow, this look from Aiko Aiham could get the job done. It's already very similar to the one seen in the show, but it's the brighter hair and skin tone, as well as those bright eyes, that really sell it. Because Caitlin has accepted this "dual personality" scenario, the look ends up falling flat as well as her performance.33


Season one of Arrow brought Deadshot to life. He was an assassin in the DC Universe known for being able to take anybody out at a long range. In the Arrowverse, he was supposedly the one responsible for ending the life of John Diggle's brother, Andy Diggle. Appropriately, John made it his own personal crusade to hunt down the killer and Oliver was there for the assist.

However, Deadshot's costume could've used a lot of work, and Bosslogic was up to the challenge. He was just a military guy with a laser eye. Considering Deadshot was such a cool white mask and red outfit, it's a shame that the writers didn't try to incorporate that. Alas, Deadshot wasn't long for the Arrowverse and had to be killed off before Suicide Squad came out and had Will Smith in the role (and a better costume).


There's something about the Reverse-Flash that always sends chills down our spine. Having a speedster that's just so downright sadistic is not a pleasant thing to watch. Seeing the smile on his face as he destroys Barry Allen's life is enough to give us nightmares. As such, he has to have a design that reflects that.

There isn't anything wrong with his look in the Arrowverse, it just hasn't been updated in quite some time. The artist, Bosslogic, has given a much different interpretation on how Eobard Thawne could look. Instead of just the yellow, he adds a lot of black to the mix which is heavily contrasted with his small, red eyes. Needless to say, this would be a frightening look to see on The Flash season five.


Two of the most disappointing characters in the Arrowverse were Hawkman and Hawkgirl. The former was just there as a plot device and kept getting screwed over by the writers. The second was a barista just a few weeks before she became a superhero (and believe us, you won't forget that). On top of that, their costumes could've used more refining before they debuted on the show.

That's why we love this art from George Evangelista so much. Not only does it make Hawkgirl's mace bigger and more threatening, but it slims down the helmet and outfit to make it look more sleek. Furthermore, it brightens up the color palette and widens the contrast so it's more visually pleasing. Why Hawkgirl wasn't given an outfit like this in Legends of Tomorrow, we'll never know.


When it was announced that Red Tornado would be in the Arrowverse, it had a lot of us excited. When they revealed the costume design, that excitement turned into disdain. Among the heroes and villains on the CW, Red Tornado has one of the most infamously bad costumes. It just looks weird from top to bottom and doesn't properly resemble the android we know from the comics. The design was better for Crisis on Earth X", but it still didn't quite hit the mark.

When in doubt, go with the comics, and that's exactly what this artist did. He darkened the color scheme of Red Tornado so he would fit more with the Arrowverse, but left his cape, logo, and expressionless face intact. No doubt, the CGI animators would love to not have to animate any more lip syncing. Sadly, this isn't the design that we see in the shows.


When Barry Allen went up against Zoom, there was almost no beating this speed vampire. After traveling all the way from another dimension, Zoom was nearly unstoppable (Barry even needed some extra help in order to beat him). When he was finally defeated, he was turned into the Black Flash, who already has an excellent design -- but the sky's the limit with fan art.

MessyPanda gives Zoom a much more horrifying appearance as the Black Flash. Instead of having his rotting flesh exposed, the face of a skull is plastered over his face, the details formed with Speed Force Lightning. Either way, seeing the zombie Black Flash we have know or this skeletal speedster would likely be enough to make sure no one else messes with the timeline.


The Green Arrow costume has gone through several iterations throughout the show, but each version is fundamentally similar to the last (only slight alterations make them stand apart from one another). Going forward, we'd like to see if the designers could get more creative with Ollie's threads, and they would only have to look to the comics.

At the very least, that's what artist Bosslogic, did. Green Arrow's design is given a brighter color scheme and light yellow accents to fit with his suit in the pages more. What impresses us the most is that they kept Stephen Amell's face under the hood, and the costume still works. We could easily see this Emerald Archer teaming up with the Flash and Supergirl.


One of the biggest draws of Arrow when it first came out was that Slade Wilson was in the show with the promise of Deathstroke being a primary antagonist in the future. For the most part, we have to praise how they created Deathstroke's design. It feels a bit more modern and militaristic, but that's the direction of the Arrowverse. That said, there are many elements to the character's outfit from the comics that we still feel could make it in the show.

Artist, bryanzap, has managed to pull this off and make it look fantastic. Deathstroke still has the body armor for a realistic interpretation, but has a fuller mask with the cloth swaying from the back of his head. We love the addition of the "X" on his torso, even if it does make him resemble the MCU's Crossbones a bit too much.


When it came to giving the other members of Star Labs powers, it seems like their costumes were an afterthought to the CW. Both Killer Frost and Vibe don't have great designs. In the case of Cisco, his costume is a bit too simplistic, not having much color or pop that the other heroes do.

Thankfully, there are ways to fix this. One of them is DigitalCrow giving Vibe a vest and no sleeves, while having a bright green logo on his torso. His goggles are kept largely the same, but he has a copper belt around his waist now. This is a Vibe that looks cool and ready for action. If only Cisco would actually cut his hair, that would make the entire look come together.


Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold was not only one of the best villains that The Flash has used over the years, but also one of the best characters in Legends of Tomorrow. His design is appropriate for the context of the Arrowverse (he just wears a parka and ski goggles), but the costume designers could really take the opportunity to do something impressive with his character.

DigitalCrow has imagined a Captain Cold who is more in touch with his powers than before. Instead of having a gun, he can generate it from his hands. While the goggles remain intact, he has a thermal hood and vest which gives him a much more apparent color palette while not looking too ridiculous. That said, it might be a bit hard to see Wentworth Miller in that get-up.


Savitar had a pretty loud design, but we're not sure what the point of it was. It was a massive use of CGI (which the CW can't use very much) and didn't resemble the Savitar from the comics in any way. That's because Savitar didn't take inspiration from the Hindu god of speed -- instead he took inspiration from the Future Flash.

That said, Bosslogic imagines a "Savitar" that looked more like the Future Flash than a Speed Force junkyard. Having the blue and white design really gives the character an emotionally detached feel while still communicating the raw power that he has. It might not have been as easy to implement in the show, but it's a design that's better for Savitar than the one that we got.


Wally West has been a prominent character in the Flash's history, so it makes sense that he would get his time to shine in the TV show. However, his costume takes more inspiration from the classic Kid Flash design, featuring the yellow suit with the red accents (which is strangely similar to the Reverse-Flash's design).

However, it's surprising that we haven't seen any form of the New 52 version of Wally West pop up (leave it Kode LGX to save the day). As opposed to wearing the yellow, Wally could sport a silver and red costume to further differentiate himself from the other speedsters on the show. That said, if silver were implemented in The Flash, it would probably look more like a dull gray.


For a large portion of Arrow, Diggle was long overdue to have a costume. His face in the field was too recognizable, especially when he was right next to Oliver Queen all of the time. Eventually, he was given a helmet that looked fairly ridiculous. The helmet he has now is better, but still doesn't quite make the cut.

That's where the internet comes in. The jacket for Diggle remains intact, but he now has a new helmet with a light-up visor. It's amazing how much better he looks when that visor has a light of its own. It would also do a much better job at concealing his face from criminals, though he'd need to be able to turn it on and off for stealth purposes.

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